ZIKA: Judicial Remedy Urged, Researchers Decry Fraud

Researchers Decry ZIKA Fraud in “Crisis Capitalism” and Urge Judicial Remedy


Miami, FL (Sept. 21, 2016)—A team of experts investigating ZIKA fraud for a non-profit public health advocacy group in the United States has concluded that the spraying of toxic pesticides and release of government-approved genetically-modified (“GM”) mosquitoes to fight ZIKA has been schemed by a racketeering enterprise commercializing in bio-terrorism and “crisis capitalism.”


Experts from several fields filed a critical review of available intelligence for publication in Medical Veritas Journal evidencing a “high probability” of ZIKA fraud. The data identifies a criminal enterprise commercializing in bio-terrorism and crisis capitalism as the most probable cause of the costly and damaging ZIKA “emergency.”


According to the reviewers, politicians and the media are “selling” citizens on unproven methods of “disease control” in Florida and elsewhere. The experts also question the “mystery” of ZIKA’s emergence from a Brazilian vaccine experiment generating mutated viruses, and then promoting drugs, vaccines, pesticides and genetically-modified (“GM”) mosquitoes to combat the plague.



In conclusion, the professional group condemned “the creation of ‘alien species’ of microbes,” including ZIKA, as an “obvious man-made threat.” The MVI contributors wrote “this reckless disregard for life, nature, and the sanctity of intelligent design central to the physical sciences, is unconscionable.”


The group recommends the remedy advanced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and IBM to regulate the medical industry applicable also to the judicial system to save costs, restrain corruption, reduce fraud, and discipline violators.

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