Google Image Search Utility

Ever wanted to quickly identify the source of an article or image? Or determine if an image has been photoshopped, faked, or re-used for purposes of misinformation?

Google’s ‘Search by Image’ utility makes this task incredibly simple! Here’s how…


STEP 1)  SEARCH FOR IMAGES:  Type in your chosen subject as you normally would. From the results page, select “Images” from the Google menu.

image search

STEP 2)  OBTAIN URL OF IMAGE: Right-Click on the image for which you want additional information and then Click ‘Copy Image Location’.


STEP 3) PASTE URL INTO IMAGE SEARCH: Click the camera icon at the right side of the “Search” box.

(HINT: The images nearest the top are usually the “purest” or closest to the original source)

STEP 4)  GET THE IMAGE HISTORY:  Enter the Image URL (right-click then ‘Paste’)  into the search box to initiate image search.

That’s it… Every instance where this image has been used, with the oldest at the top. And as a bonus, Google also provides a selection of visually similar images for comparison. This is very useful for sniffing-out doctored images and fakes. So not only can you get to the source of an article this way, but you can see every other instance of the use (or mis-use!) of the image and article!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is now several years out of date. We recommend following the link below to the updated article on this topic:

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