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JFK Files: Hitler Living In Colombia According To CIA Informant, But Is It “New” News?

Hitler CIA Columbia



You’ve heard all about it in the MSM no doubt. Here’s the file in PDF:


And here’s the MSM buzz for those that want it:

“The CIA was told about a man claiming to be Adolf Hitler who lived in Colombia among a community of ex-Nazis during the Fifties, declassified documents reveal.
Agents did not take the claim made by a former SS soldier seriously, however the station chief in Caracas did forward the claims to superiors complete with a photo.
The files show that a man named Phillip Citroen approached agents in 1954 to say he had met a man claiming to be Hitler and living in the town of Tunja, north of Bogota.
By the time agents took any action the man claiming to be the Fuhrer – who was called Adolf Schuttlemayer – had apparently fled to Argentina. However the CIA was clearly extremely skeptical of the claims and recommended the matter be “dropped”.

The claims have resurfaced now after Colombian journalist Jose Cardenas tweeted the files from the CIA archive that were declassified in the Nineties, the MailOnline reported.”


This was the most objective news report on the matter I could find, stating correctly that A: this is information that has been available since the 90’s, and B: that the CIA expressed considerable doubt about the information.

There you go.

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