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New World Order Alchemy And The Five Elements: A Visual Exploration

Big on imagery, short on words: Think For Yourself!

Martin H.

The Alchemical Hermaphrodite and Baphomet:


illuminati Four ElementsWhat Is The Fifth Element?

Fifth element

whatever the Illuminati are creating with this alchemical evil, plasma and CERN’s LHC are the key.



*Buoyant plasmas: Formed when a meteor does not fully burn up during entry to the atmosphere and remains visible to the naked eye and/or radar (my emphasis)
*Loose plasma objects: These can create a physical field, from which light will not reflect, sometimes making them appear as “black triangular crafts” of up to hundreds of feet long – a very commonly described UFO sighting
*Plasmas affecting vehicles: Sometimes the presence of such plasmas can even cause car engines and radios to malfunction if nearby.
(Source: Project Condign Report)



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