Nearly 1,400 babies injected with jab linked to test animal DEATHS by Oxford academics

NEARLY 1,400 infant babies were injected with an experimental vaccine linked to monkey deaths in tests by Oxford University academics, an investigation has revealed.

By Matt Drake
PUBLISHED: 06:04, Thu, Jan 11, 2018

African babies were given a new TB vaccine even though five out of six primates involved in a trial died.
The investigation revealed last night by the British Medical Journal prompted calls for tightening of rules governing the way animal research is reported.
Jonathan Kimmelman of McGill University in Canada said the Oxford case was not an isolated one, he added: “It’s widely recognised that animal studies intended to support drug development are often riddled with flaws in design and reporting.
“Unfortunately, there are other cases where new treatments were put into human testing on animal evidence that was foreseeably flawed, incomplete, or even negative.”

An information sheet was given to parents of the babies who were handed the vaccine in 2009 which said it had been tested on animals and was “shown to be effective” – but it did not mention the dead monkeys.
Oxford researchers have been accused of “cherry-picking” their scientific evidence.

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