Not So Fast China: Peters Puts Brakes On China’s One Belt One Road Initiative

Believing that the former national Government of NZ was “too hasty” to sign up to China’s NWO top dog ambitions, NZ First Leader and current Foreign Minister, is sure to upset the Asian Superpower, not to mention new National Party leader Simon Bridges who was responsible for the “hasty” sign off in his previous party role.

The MSM blurb from TVNZ:

Foreign Minister Winston Peters has again hinted the Ardern government may exit China’s One Belt One Road initiative as New Zealand “resets” its strategic focus to the Pacific.

With Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern beginning her first trip across the region on Sunday, Mr Peters said the Pacific was where New Zealand mattered and could do most.
But, alluding to China’s influence, he said a number of countries had been intervening in the Pacific in ways that were “not helpful”.
“Our job is to ensure that the engagement of other countries in the Pacific is for the interests of the Pacific and the security and prosperity of the neighbourhood,” he told TVNZ’s Q+A on Sunday.

His coalition government would instead move slower in relation to the deal.
“It’s a case of shifting the dial, it’s a case of having our eyes wide open, it’s a Pacific reset in circumstances where we must do far better,” he said.
“Our aid, for example, is on the decline, to go down to 0.21 (per cent of gross domestic product) from 0.30 (per cent) just eight years ago.”
He said low aid levels from New Zealand would not “stack up against countries with a big cheque book”, who were not always acting in the Pacific’s interest.
Fresh from a diplomatic trip across the Tasman, Ms Ardern departs for Samoa on Sunday on the first leg of her first annual Pacific Mission.
She and a team of politicians, representatives from charities and Pasifika community leaders will then travel to Tonga, Niue and the Cook Islands during the week, engaging in diplomacy and taking in the local hospitality.
Ms Ardern on Friday said there was a range of issues facing the Pacific, including climate change, resource use and globalisation….



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