Nerve Agents And The Massaging Of The Belief System

Nerve Agents, Food Poisoning, and Pesticides give similar initial symptoms.
Gerhard Schrader of I.G.Faben (1936) had reserached and developed; Sarin (1936) (VX) and Tabun(1938). He continued the research and developement into Organophosphates when he transferred to Bayer. Although Tabun had been used in WWI.
Further development produced Soman (1944) and Cyclosarin (1949).
The G-Series had been developed:
GA Tabun, GB Sarin, GD Soman, GF Cyclosarin, and GV.
Although all except GF and GV were developed in Germany up to 1944, America had deployed the toxins in Aerial Bombs and Artillery Shells.
The V-Series consisted of:
VE, VG, VM, VP, VR, VS, VX, EA-3148, and EA-2192. With various analogues as Tammelin Esters.
VX was produced at Porton Down, in the 1950s, by ICI Pesticides (the Agent Orange Manufacturer and Dioxin problem in Sydney Australia, Orica etc. and my goverenment report that disappeared in 1981). Further research led to a new group of Nerve Agents. VX being the most toxic. VG was desiganted as Amiton. In the consistency of oils; they did not degrade or wash away easily. They were used as weaponry to block terrain for ground forces; and were only ever fielded by The US; including as land mines. (Note Priness Diana’s Protests, before she was murderd outside the hospital to where she was transported).
Novichok was in the series of Organophosphates developed by The Soviet Union from the 1960s to the 1990s. They were unknown at the time by The West, and were undetectable by standard NATO chemical detection technology. It was also able to penetrate protective clothing of that era.
The Third Generation of Toxins were The Carbamates; EA-3990 and EA-4056. The most toxic ever developed (Excluding substances as Dimethyl Mercury). They were developed by The US (Fort Detrick, Los Alamos) for deployment, requiring The Soviet Union to follow in production and deployment during The Cold War Era.
A parallel occurred in 1977, when The WHO declared that Smallpox had been eradicated, and called in world stocks for destruction. America refused to comply and confiscated the stocks returned to The WHO. In response, Russia had maintained critical stocks and vaccines.
The Fourth Generation of Toxins was developed by The US; which was outside the definitions of controlled substances under The CWC (Chemical Weapons Convention). The same US that screams that the rest of The World must comply.
From the realities of contemporary history, from the nuclear and firebombing genocide of Japan, to Operation Ranch Hand, after agreeing to withdraw from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, it was clear that Russia could be overwhelmed if not prepared. So Russia developed its own Toxins that also were not within the definitions of The CWC.
In the form of insecticides: Fourth Generation, Carbamates and Agrophosphates as; Dichlorvos, Malathion, and Parathion; were developed as Nerve Agents. But also able to be demonstrated as having little effects on humans.
Although it was declared that such Insecticides as Demeton, Dimefox, and Paraoxon, were withdrawn, they were further developed through the cover of agriculture for Military Applications.
American supplied Paraoxin being used as an assassination weapon by The South African Government (Project Coast, headed by Wouter Basson for P.W. Botha). The succesor to CX Powder, Mustard Gas (stored by Bechtel at Los Alamos), and concentrated Tear Gas.
South Africa further deployed Paraoxin in Angola. In 1981 P.W.Botha had The South African Medical Sevice of The South African Defence Force; manage the stocks and deployement of Chemical Weapons. In 1983 Project Coast was further hidden by four front companies; Delta G Scientific Company, Roodplaat Research Laboratories, Protechnik, and Infladel.
Toxins and Biotoxins, were developed and copied from technologies Basson had derived from America. Research was conducted into; umbrellas, and walking sticks firing pellets. As well as toxic beer cans and envelopes. The idiocy was stopped in the 1990s, and with attempts to destroy all evidence of the programmes and information.
The 1975 ‘declassified’ and demonstrated to Congress, CIA; Ice Bullet, Marine Toxin, heart attack gun was total nonsense. As were the various heart attack inducing toxins postured by The CIA of that era. The toxins used were botanical, and not as those postured in The Gemstone Files (The Precursor of the current Opal Files).
Bill Clinton advsied that MKUltra and MKNaomi had ceased; but they never did. Would Bill Clinton tell a lie? The Experiments at The East West Centre, CIA Training Facility and Research Laboratories at The University of Honolulu continue.
In 2002 Daan Goosen; former head of The South African Biological Weapons Programme, contacted The FBI offering to sell developed stocks in exchange for $5 million and 20 immigration permits. The FBI advised that all those stocks were obsolete. So what of Novichok, Skripal, Porton Down, and the positive attitude of The Great Circus of Westminster.
As Russia maintained itself by survival necessity, in the forefront of all Weapons Technologies, why would it use obsolete toxins? If it was to try and demonstrate that it does not have the leading edge on all military technologies. Who would Russia be trying to convince?
The reality is the persistent logic that Russia is a nation of backward peasants in accord with the stereotypes developed by America during The Cold War Era. More for the massaging of The Belief System of The American People led down the fictional ideological path, by American Elite Interests. The Owners and Controllers of The American People. And to whom they are Financially Enslaved for life.

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Martin Harris

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