Syria: More Questions Than Answers!

We have been advised by US Military and Government Actors, including Lt.Gen.Kenneth McKenzie Jr., Director of The Joint Chiefs of Staff; that on 14/4/2018, a combined American, British and French military force, using air and sea platforms based in The Red Sea, The Persian Gulf, and The East Mediterranean, fired 105 missiles at three Chemical Weapons facilities in Syria and destroyed them.
This being in response to a CW strike at Douma of 7/4/2018. Allegedly conducted by The Syrian Government, which American theatre rhetoric now refers to as The Syrian Regime.
Unfortunately this ‘Official Version of Events’ delivers more questions than answers.
If the alleged first CW Attack was on 21/8/2013, in Ghouta and we are now advised that America was aware of these facilities in 2012, why were they not struck before? The argument that Russia had taken responsibility to remove Assad’s alleged CWs, does not meet with The US allegedly collecting such weapons, placing them on a ship and then dumping them in The Mediterranean. Nor does it gel with the argument that after the Khan Sheikhoun Attack; America would blame Russia for not being vigilant in its alleged responsibiities concerning Assad. None of which being in accord to Russian comments on the matters.
The US Treasury mysteriously came into the picture in 2017 and allegedly ‘sanctioned’ 271 scientists it claimed were researching CWs in Syria, for The SSRC; ‘Responsible for developing and producing non-conventional (whatever that means) weapons and the means to deliver them‘ (does that mean missiles?).
Are we being told that the ‘Sanctions’ had no effect? Surely the theatre of American ‘Sanctions’ as the only action available from the end of dark alleys would have been realised from the days of The Obama Crimean pout?
Gen. McKenzie advised of the destruction of “Fundamental components of the regimes CW infrastructure.” That; “Storage facilities had been successfully hit and there was sustained damage to the CW bunker.”
Then a compounded question arose. It was alleged by America that The Barzeh facility was speciaising in installing CWs on long range missiles and artillery shells. And that all this came from an American Intel Report.
Now we know how accurate American Intel is. Colin Powell as Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff delivered his monumental lie of WMDs in Iraq to The UNSC. When this lie began to fall apart, he claimed it was what was delivered to him by American Intel. After The Chilcot Report, which exposed a lot more, and the great Powell was seriously on a limb; he backed away and admitted the 5/2/2013 lie in 2015.Image result for colin powell
From this event, and the UNSC manipulations concerning The Korean War and The Vietnam War, and all the way to the current Intel Affair of The Steele Dossier and the characters involved, we have difficulty believing anything tagged US Intel Report, or narratives delivered by The US Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Apart from minor issues as The US Military producing a map with Shinshar west of Homs; when in fact it is due south. I trust that the missiles America advises it delivered in that faciliity actually found their target.
Another issue is the amazing comment that a facility was preparing to fit CWs onto long range missiles and artillery shells. Some one should advise The Pentagon that CWs and BWs, are not delivered by either means at all. And that the suggestion is, shall we say, idiotic. A nation is going to fire a long range missile or artillery shell to send a virus. It defies further comment.
A further throw away was that in the 1980s was Syria installing missiles at Shinshar to fend off Israeli attacks. The reality of the engagements in Lebanon at that time between Syria defending Lebanon and Israel atttacking, and Israel occupying the Golan Heights in 1967, also delivers a different story. After 51 years, Israel is about to be politely asked to vacate The Golan Heights. Attacking Syrian facilities at this time is not going to resolve that eventuality.
The alleged three targets struck in Syria were; Barzeh and two at Him Shinshar. the alleged International Decisive Action Serenade of the delivery of the alleged 105 cruise missiles. Raytheon was ecstatic with another $147m up in smoke. A parallel of the disaster of The Shayrat Act of War (Tillerson summoned to Lavrov) following The False Flag War Crime of Khan Sheikhoun. where The USS Ross and USS Porter were EMP disabled and the majority of the whatever was fired, had their guidance over-ridden and were dropped. The publicly demonstrated damage reports of Shayrat verified virtually no damage from an alleged 98 Tomahawks fired by America. Apart from the fact that Syrian airforce assets had been flown to the Russian Stronghold of Latakia.
So apart from America and its playmates not attacking the alleged Syrian CW facilities before, why doesn’t America stand for what it incessantly postures, and contradict what the world has by now accepted as the reality of America, and attack The Russian Stronghold of Latakia? That way it can dominate The Middle East, save Israel from its impending fate, and build the pipeline it has been attempting since 2000.
The reports of the dead in Douma from The American False Flag CW Attack, ranged from 500 to 40.
Even the now exposed (Skripal Affair) puppet of The OPCW, advised after an inspection of Syrian faciities in Feb. 2017; that there were no CWs or BWs.
So if the Khan Sheikhoun Attack was 4/4/2017, after that inspection, where were they from and how were they at the site.?
The hospitals in the region were bombed the day before and the day after 4/4/2018. The American IS Proxies were told to leave the area on the day, and civilians were moved into the area for their ‘safety’. The Syrian Airforce in a known raid, was to strike the Rebels in Khan Sheikhoun. What happened was: the American Sarin canisters, left in the path of the bombing raid, were detonated as The False Flag.
The American narrative reads that 76 missiles were fired at Barzeh; 57 Tomahawks and 19 joint air-to-surface, stand-off missiles. A May 2017 American Intel Report named; Marzeh, Jamraya, and Masyaf, as having faciities in contravention of The CWC. This is after The OPCW Inspection and The April False Flag. I am reminded of The Inspection of Dimona ordered by JFK.
The OPCW not only conducetd its Feb.2017 inspection, but a further one in Nov. 2017, and specifically at the places named by The American Intel Report. Nothing was found on either inspection.
In the mediafest following the Syrian theatre of 14/4/2018; Gen Dunford head of The JCofS, advised that Him Shinshar was; “The primary location of Syrian Sarin and precursor production equipment.” Is there any reason why the world is beginning to believe (9/11, WMDs in Iraq) that there is a seamless narrative between Hollywood fiction, The US Military, and The US Intel Community. Surely, Congressional Hearings are not to be taken seriously.
We were further advised that 24 missiles struck the Him Shinshar Facility; consisting of 9 Tomahawks, 8 British Storm Shadows (launched by RAF Tornado GR-4s), 5 Naval Cruise, and 2 French Scalp Cruise Missiles. At a former missile base 15 mls. West of Homs. That is in fact South.
If the numbers of missiles that America postures hit the targets it says, then either the targets should be powdered, or the missiles have little to no explosive value. The narrative doesn’t gel, based on the numbers postured.
Where again in contravention of The Feb. and Nov. 2017 OPCW Inspections; we were advised that it was a; “Facility used to keep Chemical Weapons and precursors stock piled in breach of CWC obligations”.
The British Ministry of Defence further advised that the precursors had a dual use as blister agents like sulphur mustard or nerve agents like Sarin. There is strong evidence to suggest that a colouring book. ‘Chemical Weapons 101’, needs to be made available to the mouthpieces and script writers of The Ministry of Defence.
We further suffered; “Very careful scientific analysis was applied to determine where best to target The Storm Shadows, to maximise the destruction of the stockpiled chemicals and to minimise any risks of contamination to the surrounding area”.
So we were advised that striking facilities and stockpiles of alleged thousands of gallons of phantom Chemical Weapons would not waft by clouds throughout the surrounding countryside and villages, killing thousands of people, who were not advised to move miles away. I will later outline The Porton Down and CIA experiments in England on that very issue.
Or was it in reality a situation where there actually were no CWs, facilities, stockpiles, or precursors. That the strikes were in fact at different targets, apart fromdisused industrial factories and wharehouses. Was it in fact a postured international pout by the three stooges, with Israel in tow. And nothing resembling the narrative delivered.
After all; the co-ordinated script readings in the parliaments of Denmark, Britain, Canada, and Australia, in concert with that in Congress; delivering The Joint Chiefs of Staff Lie to The UN SC, on the basis of Fictional American Intel Reports, concerning WMDs in Iraq, is a powerful precedent. Not only that American Intel Reports cannot be believed, The US Military has zero credibility, the administrations and governments of the joint partygoers are all totally full of it; but that American Wars are purely unprovoked aggressions, and never to be believed.Image result for chemical weapons in syria
The follow-on American propaganda delivered that The Him Shinshar CW bunker was a storage site that contained both a CW equipment storage facillity and an important command post. And all this after The OPCW Reports. Had American ‘Experts’ inspected and noted the contents of the alleged facilities they were going to strike.
An ‘important command post’ sounds very impressive. As indeed Britain and France joining in the turkey shoot, gives the impression of an ‘International’ response to a world outrage concerning The Syrian ‘Regime’ and The ‘Animal’ Assad, gassing his own civilian populations whom he is defending against invading forces.
Russia had a communications facility established in Syria, that would co-ordinate the military aircraft of Russia and America. The latter allegedly posturing to strike rebel targets. Its IS factions of which it had lost control from Iraq. When the False Flag of Khan Sheikhoun and The War Crime of Shayrat were committed by America, together with other offences, Russia switched off America’s access to the communications system it had established. As such, there was a heightened risk of American military Aircraft colliding with Russian or indeed with themselves. This strange situation concerning American military aircraft, effectively grounded The USAF in Syria. The risk was also present that any ‘unapproved’ aircraft over Syria would be automatically targetted and downed by the missile system installed by Russia. Missiles subsequently fired by Israel, and those of the 14/4/2018 Attack, not fired from naval platforms, were fired from Lebanese airspace.Image result for syria missiles strike 2018
The pigs overhead began flapping even more furiously when McKenzie advised that; “The objectives were accomplished without material interference from Syria”.
He went into Pinocchio Mode when he read; “We are confident that all our missiles reached their targets at the end of the strike mission, and all our aircraft safely returned to their bases“. He added that; “More than 40 surface-to-air missiles were launched by Syrian Government Forces. Mostly after the last impact of our strike was over. Likely most were fired without guidance.”
So The Syrian Military did not see the great strike occurring. All their missiles struck their targets. Mission Accomplished. The Syrians were firing missiles after we had left, and were firing missiles blind by trigger.
Firstly ALL missiles are on guidance. They are not a random shot from a small arm. How was he aware how many were fired, and what happened to them? Did they strike civilian targets in Syria? Or was this narrative the exact same as the whole fiction? Were the alleged satellite ‘Before and After’ images correct or manufactured?
Were the Russian satellite images of the two Yatsenyuk ordered fighters firing two missiles into MH-17, then returning to Kiev, correct? Were the Russian satellite images of The 9/11 False Flag correct?
They keep prodding and the peaceful world can only hope. The Bear run amok will not easily return to its slumber, once stirred. Throwing stones at Russian Missiles and military technology, and Chinese ground forces, is beyond insanity.
We were further nauseated by The Three Stooges plus one; “Took the heart out of The Syrian Government’s (this time The Government not The Regime) CW capability. There is still a residual element (to cover further American False Flags) of The Syrian Program that’s out there. I’m not going to say that they’re not going to continue to conduct a Chemical attack in the future. I suspect however they’ll think long and hard about it”.
Clearly we are dealing with far more than the deluded. As nothing was learnt from the vanquishing of The Korean War that led to the vanquishing of The Vietnam War. Nothing has been learnt by the multitude of displays that have clearly demonstrated The US Military as being incapable of any legitimate adversary.
Even from The Operational Pause of The 7th. Fleet, the return to barracks of Jade Helm, and the admission that The American Missile System has been inoperable from 1972.
The insurmountable self-esteem, and belief of the lie of Full Spectrum Dominance, and even Empire are not only absurd, but tragic. Despite the fact that continental America is safely far away from the areas of the world it uses as a toilet, it still exposes its domestic population, as well as those of its vassal states.
The Stooges targetted Syrian military airfields, and disused industrial and research facilities (unrelated to CWs or BWs). But they also targetted civilan facilities. They launched 101 missiles in total. If the 105 number is correct, then 4 did not take flight. Which again confirms the dud Tomahawks that were used in The prior attack of 7/4/2017. 98 were initially claimed as fired, later adjusted to 59. Of the 39 that took to air, most were shot down or were dropped by satellite. The USS Ross and USS Porter were disabled. The damage at Shayrat was negligable.
It seems to be an annual event. Of the 14/4/2018 Attack, 101 of the 105 were fired, 71 were successfully countered and intercepted. 30 reached targets, as below. The problem of using grossly over-priced weaponry, designed as “Fit for Use”, and Planned Obsolescent.
4 Missiles targetted Damascus Civilian International Airport. 12 targetted Dumayr Airbase, all were shot down. 18 targetted Marj Rudayil (Bulay) Airbase, all were shot down. 12 targetted Shayrat Airbase, all were shot down. 9 targetted Mezzeh Military Airbase; all were shot down. 16 targetted Homs Airport, 13 were shot down. 30 targetted facilities related to Syria’s alleged CW programme, at Barzeh and Jaramana, 7 were shot down. These latter facilities were vacant and disused.
The Stooge Attack was in response to the success of The Syrian Armed Forces regaining control of their country and expelling the invading American, proxy and cohort forces. Not as any response to The American False Flag of a Chemical attack.
I suspect that a proportionate price will be paid for The Acts of War perpetrated against Syria on 14/4/2018

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