Thirty Years Later,”They Live”: Full Movie and Commentaries

Let me take you back through time. Before The Internet, before Wifi and Cellphones and Drones. Before surveillance cameras on every street corner. Before 9/11 and George Bush Senior announced the imminent arrival of the New World Order. Before Robert Lazar “outed”  Area 51.  . Before HAARP, underground tunnel systems and the Illuminati entered Mainstream Consciousness.

In 2018, David Icke sells out stadiums as thousands flock to listen attentively as he expands on the “hidden hand” behind world politics and the forces that use our world leaders as puppets. In 1991 he was the subject of ridicule. (“They’re not laughing with you David, they’re laughing at you”!). In 1988, he was an ex footballer and sports presenter, yet to tell the world about his encounter with a shape-shifting Ted Heath.

It was in 1988 that an oddball movie, They Live, was released. Directed by Scfi and Horror specialist John Carpenter, this film now looks somewhat cheesy. The choice of lead actor (“Rowdy” Roddy Piper) reflected the popularity of Pro Wrestling, and some rather contrived fight scenes, complete with “bodyslams” and “piledrivers” capitalise on the theme.

Yet this movie has gained a cult following that has grown over the years for reasons other than it’s corny 80’s vibe. In recent years, Truthers have gone as far as to declare the movie to be “essentially true” and even “a documentary!”

If you haven’t seen this movie, I won’t give the plot away. The film can speak for itself! Enjoy….

Hans Carlsson

Published on Oct 19, 2017

THEY are still in the midst of us and probably have increased violently in numbers and today are performing their atrocities more in the hidden…

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John Carpenter on They Live:

Exiles Of The Underground

Published on Jun 6, 2016

David Icke on They Live:

David Icke

Published on Nov 18, 2016

Martin Harris

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