Strange Goings-on In The Aldrin Business/Family

Did he go to the moon or not? either way, something is brewing in the Aldrin Clan, and it appears a “third party” may “using” Buzz’s Social Media accounts to create a rift.

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Here’s some excerpts from an article by

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin sues his family alleging fraud

“MELBOURNE, Fla. — Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin has launched a legal battle against his children and family foundation, accusing them of abusing his trust and finances nearly 50 years after his historic moon landing.
The 88-year-old Aldrin’s children, in turn, say they fear he is a victim of manipulation by parties seeking to take advantage of his money and reputation.
In a civil suit filed this month in Brevard County Circuit Court, Aldrin, a Satellite Beach resident, claims his son, daughter and a former manager have misused credit cards, refused to disclose financial information and mismanaged social media accounts and other media obligations.
Aldrin further says they have slandered him, telling others that he has dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and have refused to let him marry and undermined romantic relationships…”

“…the foundation said in a statement that it has “concerns for (Buzz Aldrin’s) vulnerability to manipulation by other parties seeking to gain access to and control of foundation and personal resources.”
Those concerns were expressed this week after public questions arose about a surge of activity on Aldrin’s official Twitter account, after it had been dormant for six weeks.
One of the messages personally attacked Aldrin’s longtime manager, Christina Korp, of Winter Park, accusing her of “using Buzz’s voice and brand to self-promote/ promote her clients…”

“…The foundation also said someone else appeared to be speaking for Aldrin on his official Twitter account, @TheRealBuzz.
“We are not sure who is responsible for the tweet regarding Christina Korp, but we are confident Buzz did not write this,” the foundation said in a statement.
Florida Tech, which houses the Aldrin Space Institute and Aldrin Center for Entrepreneurship in Space, also is a defendant in the case…The planned May 22 press event was canceled without explanation. But on Friday, its spokesperson, Beverly Hills-based Edward Lozzi of Lozzi Media Services, said to stay tuned.
“We are going to be making a major announcement in the near future,” Lozzi told Florida Today.”

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