Those Who Matter And Those Who Don’t.

Trump is economically destroying America by ‘talking it up’. The ploy of the bullshit salesman, believing that it baffles brains.

It usually baffles those with little experience and rationality; the intellectualized regurgitators. The footpath mounds we try to avoid on a daily basis.
It also baffles the less articulate products of a system producing believers, not thinkers. Those regurgitating what to think, not rationally and critically knowing how to think. The psychologically addicted, dependent, and unable to correctly rationalize beyond the burden of the constraints of their belief systems.
He’s a big top circus spruiker. I prefer to study rallies, interviews and Congressional Hearings, rather than vegetation by mass sport. The content is almost irrelevant. It’s high theatre.
The alleged number of businesses returning to America is unrelated to the alleged employment numbers. America is at the plughole. There’s only a small number blowing hot air in the opposite direction to retard the inevitable. America is actually at the stage of lifeboat deployment to the Economic S-Bend.
Read the back of Melania’s jacket, not the MAGA caps and T-Shirts! Trump is only slightly more ‘powerful’ or capable than in his prior private days. He has experienced and fought government from the days his father had Eisenhower contracts to build housing for the returning adventurers of WWII.
Risking your life to ‘Save The World’, and the ‘Future Freedom’ and ‘Lifestyle’ for following generations, produced what? Wars of Ideological Shadows and Concocted Enemies. Manufactured belief systems of total horseshit. Governments and their leading edge deceivers are never held accountable. It’s not a Western, or alleged First World, thing to do.
Apart from the oddity of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was not an American state until 21/8/1959; The American homeland was untouched by 20th. Century Wars in which it involved itself.
Even if Truth and Reality is blasted through the obtuse Belief Systems that have been constructed, it will not smell of perfume on the other side. A sack of shit in the place of a brain is precisely that, no matter what the pretensions.
We are not experiencing Helicobacter pylori, or silent but deadly flatulence. It is the mental exertion of those self or officially ordained, as being greater than “We The Messengers”.

The ‘Stability’ promised by Wilson’s Fed and The IRS 16th Amendment, produced what?

Truman’s essential CIA, produced what?

The incessant and nauseous continuum of invasions, regime changes, instigated and fuelled Civil Wars, pilfering and plundering, and leaving one destroyed, soft target nation state after another, produced what?

There was never any empire to attain.

Empire is not annexation, attachment, or devastation and subjugation, And when these grave errors return what they will; a continuum of plundering under puppet regimes, they will not balance the costs of the initial errors and self-entrapment attritions. Especially when the grand theories are devastated by unrevised or palatable reality.
America pumps Iraqi and Libyan Crude after murdering some two and half million people and further devastating Europe with some five million additional refugees.
Some USD 5 trillion equivalent was looted from Iraq, in portable and transferable assets (the standard modus of the serial crime. Ukraine was liberated of its freedoms and assets in 2014, as I detailed). Yet a financial hole of well over USD 3 trillion was delivered back to The Domestic American Economy.
The blinds have been drawn at The WH. It became obvious In Feb. 2017 with The President Moon of South Korea Meeting. Trump was not listening, and preferred the advice of American Intel, whose then agenda was to embarrass him (Trump).
Trump was led up the path of missiles fired at Japan, North Korean nuclear weapons ambitions, humanitarian crimes, and the American invented stereotype dictator syndrome with MSM tutoring the herds.
When Trump then began believing and reading American Intel scripts, that would almost instantly turn to gross stupidities, he stopped.
Trump had and has many advisors acting in his and America’s best interests. He was made aware that he was not a puppet public servant, but a citizen elected by The People to represent them.
It took many months for him to correctly realise that THE REAL ENEMY is WITHIN, despite the many indications on the journey of the past fifteen
He had to understand that the entire American Foreign Policy was functioning on a foundation of a myriad of deceptions. That the American public service, and indeed the three Constitutional branches, were embedded with corruption.
A lesser character would have gone golfing and read scripts. He correctly began a covert war with Deep State, to which he had only previously referred. Based on his personal experiences, and those of others, of which he became aware.
As in other First World States, government is unable to withstand light. He was well advised to divide and conquer The Enemy Within. Let them run their investigations and farces to the ends of nowhere and then accuse them. Have those who would close ranks, fight and expose each other. There are none with strength of character. Investigate them. They provide all their own damning evidence of corruption and deception.
Standing behind him, are all The People wronged by government actors. They far outweigh the numbers of public servants and their believers. Far beyond the throw-away of ‘Just doing their job’ and the inanity of power base and A Civilised Lawful Society. Otherwise astonishing outcomes have evolved from Congressional and Committee hearings over the past year alone. They destroyed America and are fully accountable.
But America needs to maintain its posture and control the pushback and account settlement for the last century that could very easily be triggered beyond any ability to control. The military forces would themselves divide. Those unable to comprehend this reality can remain in their meaningless voids. An issue about which the moronic, celebrity and social agenda warriors could never comprehend.
Of all The Presidents since Washington and Lincoln, Trump could move a Civil War in America. What is said of him, done to him, and the frustrations and obstructions presented to him, are those against The People themselves. A fact that has been totally misunderstood. The war of The People against Government.
But he well understands the essential of slings and arrows containment, and the adolescence with which he contends. He might very well be a manufactured brand, but further understands that if he presses the mark, America will self-destruct and take two generations to restructure.
In Paris, The Obelisk of Luxor marks the spot in The Place de la Concorde where The French vented their frustrations and settled their accounts with their self-appointed masters; between 5/5/1798 and 9/11/1799. Many nations of past history tore themselves apart as a consequence of frustrations caused by the self-appointed and the delusions of Power Base.
Trump and The People stand post outside the barricades of The Enemy Within, as The Enemy now begins to throw out the sacrifices of their own. Their immorality and cowardice confirming their institutionalized criminality against The People. They have nowhere to run and can no longer feign the deception.
Trump stood for The Presidency, had scripts with agendas and policies; performed as a media brand; defeated the uniform sixteen rivals of his own party; and faced a fraudulently selected, lifetime baggaged, disturbed deceiver, whom a pet Chihuahua could have defeated. HRC’s campaign alone, confirmed her mental state and lack of any entitlement.
On the very night of 8/11/2016; when the disgruntled began their rampages; how easy would it have been for Trump to confront the orchestrated ‘confrontations’, by rousing The People with “We have  begun The Fight; now let’s finish it. God Bless America.”
Does anyone really believe that that call to arms would have been denied. Particularly since MSM made the very dramatic mistake of playing politics and expanding the idiocies of the few to purport to be the voice of the many.
But spruiker Trump; lied to, misled, and obstructed as would occur; chose the path of  America Being Great, having a Constitution, and presenting an air of Democracy. Incessantly ridiculed, he maintained his composure of; Make America Great Again, and God Bless America.Trump Great Tax Cuts
He is now fully aware of the truths underpinning America, and what has been done, enslaving its People; who have been incessantly deceived for over a century. But Trump is a builder, not a settler of accounts. As such; his morality is well beyond that of his detractors and the dross of The Enemy Within, and even The Usual Suspects.
The de rigueur blur of fake narratives have reached the useable citation stage. The main method of the fake Daisy Chain Reference Wall that is never checked correctly for its foundations. The intellectualized discernment of one reference against another, is actually a musical chairs game.
It tends to revert back to ‘official’ interpretations and prognostications. Omphaloskepsis at its finest. The grand error of Source as against Substance. The very feeding of comfortable intellectualized deceits. Now how could that be. Try the voluntary retirement of Rational and Critical Thought, and faith, where none should ever be apportioned.
Changes in world history are of the moment. Invasion is not cajoling by limited force expeditionary adventurisms, postured invitation, the legitimate liberation of anyone or anything, or the protection of interests.
The great aggressor deceived itself to oblivion. Does it have the moral tenacity to step back from what it has caused, and reclothe itself.
As much as it is challenged; the reality is that a parallel can be drawn between; Trump, Putin, and Xi. A new historic age turned in 2017.
In a century of the best minds, the best economy, and the greatest potential; the economic value (not the ubiquitous nonsense accounting value), delivered the USD to the purchasing ability of three cents.
Inflation is LOSS of Purchasing Power. Its attempted ‘balance’ with credit lines, is the two-edged sword. The imperative is correct and sustainable Income Streams; not Credit Lines.
Wilbur Ross; Secretary of Commerce from the beginning of this era is ‘Owned’ my Group Rothschild and The City, through Goldmans. As was Garry Cohn, as Director of The National Economic Council.
Cohn was slated for Jerome Powell’s job as Fed Chairman. Trump thought he controlled The Fed. He was still an apprentice. When The President makes a decision on behalf of The Fed, as a Chairman appointment, he is given a list from which to choose. The list contains one name only.
Cohn went back to Goldmans and Powell became Chairman on ‘Trump’s choice’ [sic].
Yellen was a puppet. IG Elizabeth Coleman, has no idea whatsoever. Both their great accreditations, amount to a hill of frogshit. Coleman did not know that The Fed couldn’t give a continental with regard to a published balance sheet showing a USD 9 trillion hole etc.
It makes Rumsfeld’s missing Pentagon trillions, look like kindyroom. Which it is.
Fischer from The Bank of Israel was running The Fed, while Yellen was doing selfies for The Feminese Tribe.

When idiot helpers jump forward at the interviewee; they signal the very problems the interviewee has. As with the notes passed to HRC, Lynch reading scripts and Lerner’s moronic 5th. It’s the idiots’ way of revealing all and a lot more. Koskinen was impeached, but balanced the timing to steal his undeserving ‘entitlements’. He now purports to be a ‘businessman’, and has ‘edited’ his social media drivel.
Lerner and Paz delivered performances in court that THEY were being disadvantaged. Yates was sacked for attempting to personally hijack The DOJ. Bharara was physically dragged from his office after his contract of employment was not renewed. As indeed was Comey’s not renewed. His approach was to leak deceptions to media and lie. McCabe was sacked by consensus, away from Trump.
Tillerson twice disobeyed an agreement between Trump and Putin, concerning Syria. Weissman, Strzok, and Bharara are legend for false convictions. Mueller’s team of 16 investigating Trump, were hardcore political opponents. The culture continues. That Lynch offered Scalia’s Seat by WJC as payment for The HRC Affair, is yet to be publicly revealed, following The Garland Farce. Add that to Scalia being murdered and put on your earmuffs. Gorsuch had to be pushed through, after the usual theatre, or truths would be leaked. A deal was struck. The Dem hijacked SCOTUS, was returned to GOP hands. The cleanest way to resolve the political lunacies of The Circuits and Districts. FISA and Immigration are works in progress.
A lot of America’s endemic disorder has been revealed through Congressional Hearings. It isn’t the issue of what has been revealed through the force of subpoena, but rather that funny farms such as The DOJ-FBI have refused to comply, delivered heavy redactions to Committees entitled to ALL, and lied under oath (Lacked Candour. Were economical with the truth).
Yet The People can be charged and incarcerated for all the above, and even for lying to The FBI. Whether or not there actually was a lie, being determined by such characters as Weissman, Strzok, and Bharara. The People being further assailed by these toxins with packaged prose such as “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”
The contexts are expanded to the broadest. Deceptions are not hidden. And aids, consultants, and helpers are not elevated to anywhere from anywhere. They reveal all and have no advantage or information edge. Because they are usually facing Rational and Critical Thought. If not from the questioner, then certainly from certain observers in the cheap seats.
Trump’s tax cuts mean nothing. As do those of other sycophant heads of government who followed the populist deception narrative. The alleged tax cuts return the same economic asset confiscation to the government. As Regulation Cuts return the same punitive regimen. I will publish government graphs that demonstrate this sleight of hand.
Harley Davidson is out of America for sound commercial reasons. Patriotism is not a slow suicide, due to well expertized idiotic policies.

HD can sell bikes in America made in America, but they cannot sell bikes out of America made in America.

That’s the reality of the cute theories.

Tariff Walls are regressive and typically expertized economic stupidity. As are high rates of tax, oceans of regulation, Deep State insanities, and a disengaged industry of law. The tax and regulation cuts postured; are economically devastating for America, or at best, meaningless.
Trump is on a very steep and very well oiled learning curve. These are the days of his life, and he needs to be surrounded by people with America’s future at heart. The appointment of Giuliani was the turning point. His ‘work’ in The Executive branch is NOT that as advised through MSM.
The situation of Trump being under Secret Service House Arrest, harks back to the days of JFK’s murder by The CIA. Trump became aware that The disreputable DOJ-FBI-FISA Consortium (Strzok’s FISA playmate Contreras was to hear the Flynn false prosecution, Collyer refused to deliver documentation supporting The False Warrant issued in the Steele and Page Affair.
After Mueller is put to rest under the weight of his own deceptions, expect a blanket pardon by Trump to reverse any damage caused by Mueller.
Trump will hold ground on 6/11/2018, and be returned as the incumbent in 2020. A fictionalized solution to be delivered for The Palestinian Affair by Jared in early 2024. Expect Ivanka to begin shining during that presidency, and become the first woman President in 2032. This is the current agenda.
I never advised that Trump was what America needed. I advised that he was the better of the two choices created. There is no ‘balance’. Trump is a caretaker of a sinking ship. Doing nothing is an improvement.
Domestic ideological blame apportionment, partially airs what is already well known. But without legitimate and decisive action, and politically structured time releases, is meaningless.
Hiring more public servants is not a decrease in unemployment. Public Servants create activity which theoretically equates to an employment. But they produce nothing in the economy. They damage the economy by virtue of their existence and activity.
Cohn was shown the door by his own. Not by Trump. His rant on Charlottesville was a jibe at Trump. Haley offered a throw away on Trump molesting the girls, as a Feminese sisterhood obligation. Haley has no idea about anything. Least of all The UN. Which is why she is there.
She would have survived as long against Mr. Nyet, as NATO would against Russia, if The Bear is disturbed in its slumber.

The Bear has not moved since 23 Aug. 1942 – 2 Feb. 1943, to 16 April – 2 May 1945.

1953, 1956, 1957, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1972, 2000 – 2017, and 2014 – are push and shoves in the school yard.

If The Bear marches, The World changes.

Despite incessant provocations by the deep-thinking moron brigades, The Bear is asleep and there is a strong emphasis on trade, and protecting certain interests, and preventing others.
Those who matter, know. Those who think they know, don’t matter.
Haspel ‘running’ The CIA, is as The Yellen (former)-Haley combo. Putting someone in an isolated room for twenty years, then claiming they have been there and therefore they are experts, is idiocy.
The American Intel Community is rogue with funding (Black Economy from the days of The Yamashita Affair, to the world’s drug cartels of today) and proxy forces. Trump does not control it. He recently (Fox and Friends, West Lawn interview) hinted at it, beyond the problems of Deep State. Brennan and Clapper, as McCabe, were knifed by their own. The International Intel Community is a parallel universe.
If you want to see Trump’s total control by US Intel, study early 2017 and the idiot statements he made concerning North Korea and the USN’s alleged responses. He was script-reading that which he should never have accepted as reality. It was the beginning of the  Removal of Trump Serenade. He fought back and regained his ground.
Apart from The USN Incident List, being that of a tragi-comedy routine for which script writers would be proud. If The USN had accomplished anything of even marginal significance it would have been shouted from the rooftops.
Further; you gain everything in negotiations when you pay and receive nothing (North Korea, Singapore photo op.). As you can’t kill a dead Bin Laden. As Jarrett and HRC pretended. And NK cannot denuclearize that which it does not possess. As The WMDs of Iraq were UK and US property. As Syria is off the news cycle. And there is a stark lack of information ‘officially’ released concerning Africa from The Mediterranean to The Cape.
The WH Press Corps get focused and micro-fixated as Sanders reads the scripts she is given and activities are concocted or elevated to focus.
If Behar (owned by Barbara Walters’ daddy’s money) and the seriously braindead Kelly, Kasparian, Oprah, or Madcow are to be ignored, then IGNORE THEM!
A drunken idiot, brain-damaged, chronic, habitual, psychopathic liar, who keeps blanking out, collapsing and shitting herself in public, and needing two body doubles was the raving Feminese choice of choices against Trump and to replace the entirely fictional 44 and his ‘Truman Show Family’; what is America? And what is The WH?
The handlers of GWB put The US under Martial Law after The 9/11 Lie (The DHS-TSA. The mobile device is The Chip. Social Media is The Monitoring). This was followed by 44 destroying America’s economic foundation. Yes He Could; and HE DID.
America can never service its debt, let alone settle it. America settling its ‘Debt’ is actually America honouring its Sovereign Debt Obligations. Not stealing precious metals held in trust for other nations and actually paying out on its Treasury Bonds. As US Government Funding is actually secured by a revolving bill (Government Closures are a functioned lie).
Expect another Dem Senate cheek flexing rendition of the same, just prior to The 6/11/2018 Mid-Terms.
There is an industry in having other nations which bought into American Treasury Junk Paper such as China, Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, et al; only redeeming part of America’s defaulting commitments. The borrower is beyond bankrupt. The ‘Selling Down’ Narrative is part of America covering the reality of its true financial position in the real world.
The American Treasury Junk Bonds held by Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Georgia, Chechnya etc., as those of the massive fraud of Project Hammer (disguised on the net), have been destroyed. Nothing owing by The US Treasury.
The Tariff War will move further industry out of America and into China and Europe. What was actually discussed behind the populist theatre and photo ops of the recent G20,and agreed by the consultative committees some six months ago?
America has defaulted on everyone. The problem being that all the other players, excluding The BRIC Bloc, have been exposed by America. Albeit the public service fantasyland of The EU (Totalitarianism by redefinition) and its idiotic front running of The NWO stupidity has created additional baggage.
The World Financial Reset is progressing (from 2010) not by design but floundering, from one idiocy to the next. Those who caused the problems, will never admit they caused them, and are incapable of resolving what they caused, by attempting to use the same mechanisms to resolve what those exact mechanisms had caused. At best there can only be variations of themes, and decisions for the sake of decisions. Strong, Determined, and Always Wrong.
America is the greatest defaulter in history.

The REAL DOMINO EFFECT. Not the bullshit of The (Communist) Domino Theory attached to the insane China Policy after WWII. ‘Ah, the sweet smell of Napalm in the morning!’
Trade and Tariff Wars are nonsense, designed for herd consumption, as the impotent pout of Sanctions Serenades.
Released ‘Official’ renditions, infer America is paying The Fed a lower percentage for USD 21 trillion, than it did for USD 10 trillion. This is not aspects of Sequesters, Quantitative Easings, Liquidity Adjustments, or Official Bank to Bank or Central Bank Adjustments, or other compounded fictions.
The current fake narrative round of China’s consumer debt about to pull down the world economy doesn’t even deserve comment. America’s debt position, both  government and private, has rewritten the economic reality landscape. Anything The Fed loots from the Real Domestic Economy more than pays for the cost of operating its printing machines, and the book entries of fictional international credits. The 240 ‘Owners’ of the private Fed have many sources of income streams, and palliative care of America is not such an issue. The cartel OWNS THE WORLD.
The USD is no longer The World Reserve Currency. That position stolen from Sterling, during The Bretton Woods Accords, has been altered. China currently holds sway in the basket of currencies that had to be established to remove The USD from devastating the world. Adventures into The Petro Dollar invention, failed. Only the division between Foreign and Domestic USD, needs to be maintained by blocking repatriation for credit. The ‘Overhang’, or Finger in The Dyke scenario.
The Chinese Islands in The Asian Seas, were created to prevent conflicts with Japan and Russia, fueled by America after WWII. Primarily they are for shipping trade links throughout The Asia Pacific Region. They will also carry forward defense platforms, to prevent America from further attempting to blackmail by blocking The Asian Sea Lanes (which actually caused The Pearl Harbour Affair over crude from Malaya to Japan).
The Hainan Island Incident with China, and The KAL-007 Incident with Russia, demonstrated that America cannot be trusted to behave responsibly in The Asian Seas. As America stirred Japan in particular, to block the return of islands to China, it decided to build its own, for trade and forward defense purposes.
The American propaganda narrative of China being aggressive by the construction of these islands, defies the logic of why would they bother if aggression in the region was the underlying agenda. All that effort to save a few minutes of missile flight time is only an invention that could be derived from American Propaganda Narratives.
Apart from the fact that Russian and Chinese missiles are now hypersonic, which means that they cannot be detected once launched and cannot be reacted against. Missile warfare is definitely not as the herds have been tutored to believe.
If America were able to prevent the building of these islands by China, they would have done so. America defends and protects no one. The posture that America is a great military (USN) force while delivering the propaganda rhetoric that it does, exposes its credibility.
America militarily is a hot air factory. If not, it should deliver on the support of the propaganda it manufactures. It has no problem in this regard with weak and divided nations. After four plus ‘Accidents’ and ‘Incidents’ (attempted rammings by The USN of Chinese Freighters), The 7th. Fleet is in ‘Operational Pause’.
The full reality is even worse. From ‘elite’ P8 pilots shitting themselves, to blatant lies about USN vessels patrolling North Korea. Vessels that were docked in Oregon and Yokosuka. While Pentagon Press Briefings delivered China as ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Provocative’.
And then someone forgot to mention to the absorbing herds that America signed an Armistice in 1953 for itself and the UN. So America could never even run a satellite over North Korea, let alone patrol it by air or sea. To do so constitutes an unprovoked Act of War by America against North Korea, Russia, and China.
Given The 7th. Fleet’s behaviour in the region, it would not have been unreasonable for The USN to donate an entire Carrier Group, fully loaded and with all accoutrements, to the response of a Kinzhal, a Zircon, or perhaps a super-cavitation device. A Tsar Bomb topping a Hypersonic would be somewhat overkill, and deliver a tsunami in the region. And of course, a trillion dollar ‘Incident’ would generate political shock waves in DC. Compounded by the fact that THE US MILITARY CAN NOT RESPOND. Now that would be a reality check.
The Real World operates on trade, not militarism, looting, and blackmail. Unless its determined adolescence is adjusted; America will continue down the path of isolation from the civilized world. Yell, posture and accuse all it may.
There was this security night patrol company wanting to establish in an industrial area. The problem was, that the area was peaceful. Hardly any break-ins and only minor thefts and property damage that were easily managed. Canvassing for business in the area, delivered these truths to the security company. An impetus was needed to promote this unwanted, unneeded, and false enterprise.
So the security company organized series of property damages, fires, break-ins and robberies in that industrial area. The local small police contingent was unable to meet the demands suddenly placed on its resources. The sudden crime wave became a mystery. And of course the insurance premiums escalated accordingly.
After these months of crime wave; the security company again canvassed the industrial estate. Amazingly; there was a great demand for its services of night patrols. Almost all the business operators in the area contracted for the night patrol services.
This added facility of protection had a positive effect on insurance premiums, which fell as a consequence of the introduced element of competition amongst insurers; who felt that their risk exposure had diminished.
Unfortunately the problems continued for the businesses in that industrial area that did not employ the services of that security company. Eventually all the business joined. A wonderful example of enterprise at work.
The area was now totally secure, and the crime wave had passed. To prevent businesses leaving this wonderful protective umbrella, and keep increasing the costs of this great service, without businesses believing that they no longer need to pay; a competitive security company was introduced by the owners of the first.
This new company canvassed on the basis of cost, and gathered a number of clients. The first company knowing the alarm and security features of all the businesses in the area, and indeed having all access keys, employed a further technique.
Businesses were entered at night, and warehouses stripped of stock. After the trucks had been loaded and driven away, access doors closed and alarms reset, some character would pass that business, smash an entry and trigger the alarms. Eventually the first security company would contact the local police and report the sounding alarm. On prompt arrival, the local police would be amazed how quickly the entire robbery had occurred, and without any clues.
The first security company was conducting its patrols when it heard the alarm and saw nothing. The second was not in attendance at the time as it had reduced its patrols to compensate for the reduced costs to its clients.
Clearly a new crime wave had entered the area, by the thieves observing the times of patrol of the second security company.
So all the businesses returned to the security of the first company. The cost saving was just not worth being robbed and the insurance premiums rising again. It was far cheaper, convenient and less disruptive, to pay the higher and increasing costs of the first security company.
Any competitors who would ever re-enter that particular market had nothing to offer. Lower costs, increased services, even guards permanently posted in each factory, could not meet the services and costs of the first company. Which clearly worked and provided good value, in the overall context.
America has a Gross Public Debt Ratio as a percentage of GDP, in the range of other Third World Nations. While those of the nations it criticises are far lower.
Russia and China have domestic economies and export markets to be envied by America. Not criticised and propagandized. The sources of American issued economic statistics also needs to be correctly viewed.
During 44’s unlawful WH occupation, the statistics and public distributed information, including his fraudulent birth certificate, were processed through
Fact Check Org. As with other fiction shops such as Snopes; they intervene in fact, not ‘check’ it. The cutie pies in the herds who believe they have found a source to cite are lost causes.
Fact Check is owned by Annenberg Public Policy Centre, at The Annenberg School of Communications, at The University of Pennsylvania, and owned by The Annenberg Foundation.
Their spruiking that 44’s birth certificate was genuine, defies the overwhelming evidence of it being a fake. Which I have previously detailed.
Apart from the fact that 44 was at one time employed by Annnenberg, and it received some USD 60 million in government contracts when 44 was squatting at The WH.
One of the major issues leading to The 2007-2010 American Sub Prime Collapse, was The American Rating Agencies (S&P, Moody’s, Fitch) incorrectly rating the securitized junk bundles.
I remember when Milken and Boesky were goaled for selling the then prosecution invented ‘Junk Bonds’ as ‘White Collar Criminals’ to The New York City Treasury. Great moments in concocted rhetoric. The net version is somewhat pasteurized and adjusted to protect the real guilty. It happened that the expert market traders of The New York City Treasury, in reality, had no idea.
They created a black hole for themselves with their fictional notions of ‘Blue Chip’, in volatile markets. As the irresponsible and incompetent self-esteem addicted that they were, they felt they needed to trade bonds with greater return. The higher the potential return, the higher the risk, the further from the fiction of ‘Blue Chip’.
The bonds they wanted to trade were denied them as not being licensed for them. Chasing brokerage houses that had access to high risk high yield bonds, they approached Drexel, Burnham, Lambert. Expert public servants never know when enough comedy is enough. They remind me of the flatulence scenein ‘Blazing Saddles’.
Milken was the lead trader at that firm. His bonus package for the previous four years was over a billion dollars, alone.
The New York City Treasury had The SEC approve high yield bonds for it to trade, despite all the warnings from Milken. It was the handing of a Formula One to a learner driver.
The New York City Treasury went broke. But it couldn’t possibly be their fault. Lateralizing in good style, it had to be the fault of Milken and Boesky of DBL. The problem being they were not responsible and there were no existing laws that would allow the necessary inventions to be allocated.
Not a problem with governments. Laws and Regulations can be invented, backdated and even made retrospective, as required (Retrospectivity became one of John Howard’s finest hours in Australia. And there were so many. Innocent people were goaled. But that can also be accomplished without retrospectivity).
So Milken and Boesky are bundled-up and a media campaign is run concerning the inventions of; ‘Junk Bonds’ and ‘White Collar Crime’. After all, the people of New York City had a right to know, that their garbage was not being collected because The White Collar Criminal Michael Milken and his offsider had sold Junk Bonds to The New York City Treasury.
Milken signed off on whatever he was given in the insane Plea Bargain that was put forward. He collected a 22 month suspended sentence, and cut a cheque for a $600 million fine. So he helped the experts out of their black hole.
The experts went on to well-deserved retirements, the trading rules were readjusted to what they were, with even stricter controls to guard against expert government cowboy traders and New York City was boosted towards its recovery by Milken, who also retired, but with about 2.5 billion dollars. He has spent his time investing in legitimate medical research projects.
One of the problems of fake convictions, is the goose factories of rogue government agencies in sycophant nation states, politically weaponizing the photocopied fake legislation.
One of the many idiocies of ‘power’ expressed by the incompetent 44, was his having The American Rating Agencies ‘downgrade’ Russian treasury bonds, when he petulantly ‘sanctioned’ Russia over Crimea.
The credibility of The American Agencies was already zero. Who was going to believe anything further they might posture? Apart from the fact that governments are the usual buyers of government debt.
So 44 was play acting to the herds; pretending he had relevance and America had some mythical economic power.
Greece was economically invaded and destroyed (you can’t shoot it up in Europe as you can in The Middle East. Russia might get upset and want The Oder-Neisse reinstated, but this time including Greece) for €1.8 billion. Nothing to do with ‘Lazy Greeks’ or not ‘Paying Their Fair Share’.
As soon as MSM pumps out hinge phrases for the ‘well-informed’, we suffer their regurgitation through most vigorously cited crabshit. I find ill-informed, rigorous, determined and opinionated adventurisms in the voids of versions of reality, by these intellectualized organisms, injurious to my digestion. We must abstain from induced flatulence, lest we offend the religion of ClimateCrap.
The Greek Parliament on behalf of itself, The IMF, The EU, The ECB, Germany, the fun parlours of The City, and America, have agreed to a capitalized compounded compound of currently over €31 billion. I can see pigs flying and religious totalitarian delusional whistling Dixie. There is no sunshine possible, where the disengaged have deposited their heads.
For those still connecting Taxation with paying for Government function; go back to economic retardation 101. Treasury Bond Issues as Sovereign Debt is a sleight of hand. As NO Economic Expert and Government Monetary and Fiscal Advisor could correctly rationalize. Their professional expertise prevents it.

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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Icke Tour Of London: The Hidden Hand

Sat Jun 30 , 2018
A David Icke fan’s dream: a tour of London with the Man himself. This Dot-Connector special is Icke at his knowledgeable best! David Icke Published on Jun 29, 2018  
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