Helen Kelly: Together, Must See Movie For Kiwis!

I received via Email the following communication from Pike River Mum Sonya Rockhouse, along with a link to news about an upcoming movie of potential interest to Uncensored readers:

Dear Martin,
I’m incredibly excited to be able to tell you about the new film, Helen Kelly: Together, that will be premiering later this year.
Helen was an amazing woman with an amazing ability to bring people together to fight for justice. I’m a Pike River family member and without her we would never have achieved what we have for our boys. Without her the forestry industry would never have accepted it needed to fix its health and safety problems. With her the lives of thousands of people were made so much better.
In the last year of her life, Helen welcomed filmmaker Tony Sutorius into her world to document some of her final battles. She fought for justice for the Pike Families, and for the families of those killed in forestry, she stood strong for workers at AFFCO locked out of their jobs and struggling to survive, and she fought her own battle with cancer.

I’ve seen the film and I think it’s amazing. It’s not just about Helen, it’s about who we are as a nation and how we can do great things when we support each other.

Thank you so so much,
Sonya Rockhouse
Pike River mum

Link to Helen Kelly: together facebook page

Helen Kelly: Together

In 2015 Helen Kelly agreed to let documentary maker Tony Sutorius – the award winning director of Campaign – into her life to document her last year of activism.
The result is Helen Kelly: Together – a stunning affirmation of both her dedication to justice, and her friendships with those she fought alongside.
Equal parts moving and inspiring, funny and tragic, Helen Kelly: Together is as much about what it is to be a Kiwi as it is about Helen’s astounding life. It is a cultural landmark and a piece of New Zealand’s film history.
You can sign up here for news about the film including the chance to attend the premiere. Please, join us to become part of Helen Kelly: Together.

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