Thoughts On The Jones Situation

On the surface, this isn’t just about Alex Jones: It’s about free Speech and censorship. The Alt Media vs the MSM.


Maybe it IS just about Jones?

Did he cross the line? Did he bite the hand that feeds him once too many times? Is this a lesson to the Al. Media to tread carefully and recognise the difference between “free speech” and “Hate Speech”?

Or maybe it’s not so much about Jones’s actions, but about who he is?

Jones is a divisive character. Some hail him as a major figure in the Alt. Media. Others think he is an imposter or a “Psy Op” actor.

Perhaps this is a “martyrdom” ploy: The Alt. Media putting aside their differences and rallying to Jones. And is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Is this a trap?

Let’s broaden the picture.

Is there something in the TIMING of this? What’s going on that we are being diverted and distracted from?

These are the questions I’m asking right now.

Tread carefully, and “Think for yourself”

Martin Harris

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    Martin Harris

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