“China Hacked Clinton’s Emails”: Big Story!

Trump Says Reports on China Hacking Clinton’s Classified Emails ‘Very Big Story’

The Daily Caller has reported citing a former intelligence official and a government staff official, both of whom were briefed on findings of the Intelligence Community Inspector General, that Chinese-owned company in the Washington, DC area was able to obtain nearly all of Hillary Clinton’s emails by using software embedded in her private server.

The sources declined to name the company, however, they said the firm worked as a front for the Chinese government, according to the media outlet. US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that these media reports on Chinese-owned company obtaining nearly all emails of the former State Secretary are “a very big story” as the correspondence contained classified information.


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China Reportedly Hacked Clinton’s State Dept. Emails — Did The FBI Cover That Up, Too?

Accountability: More than three years after Hillary Clinton admitted that she’d used an unsecured private email server to handle classified emails while secretary of State, and two years after the FBI exonerated her, we finally learn what we should have known all along. That China apparently had unfettered access to all her emails, including many that were highly classified

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..Of course the question with China officially being exposed as hacking Hillary’s email server, is was it truly a hack or did Hillary Clinton allow China onto her private email server? The reason for this question of course is why does the Chinese military currently look like a replica of the US military, also we know that China infiltration with US politicians like Dianne Feinstein also exists…As Feinstein has worked with Chinese spies for nearly 20 years and has backdoor deals with China worth a few million dollars.
All this time it has been China who was involved with Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and more than likely this goes beyond being a hack of Hillary’s email server…As in Hillary allowed China to have access to her private email server. With what we know is on Hillary’s email server, then this simply means China has access to classified US information…And Hillary allowed it.

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