Vagina speakers’: The pregnant women gadget. Seriously?

Has the world gone mad? Well, yes, apparently.

The Beach Boys classic “Good Vibrations” springs to mind:

Pregnant women who like the idea of playing music to their unborn babies can now do so through a brand new gadget: a vaginal speaker.

company Babypod has created a small pink device that can be inserted into the vagina just like a tampon.
But this ‘tampon’ doesn’t absorb blood. Instead, it turns a woman’s vagina into a sound system – and connects it to her smartphone – transporting music up into the womb at a volume of 54 decibels (similar to a gentle conversation).
Just what all mums-to-be need. Right?
“This ‘tampon’ doesn’t absorb period blood, but it does turn the vagina into a sound system – and it connects to smartphones.”

The website explains: “Babypod is a small intravaginal device that stimulates neural development in unborn babies through music.
“Scientific studies show that it encourages communication and vocalisation in babies before birth through the music streamed. Babypod gives them their first musical and learning experience.”
Read more about the Vaginal Speaker here

Blame Rose at theConTrail for this one!

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