A sliver of bone from a cave in Russia is at the centre of what may be the biggest archaeological story of the year. By Michael Marshall, New Scientist A sliver of bone from a cave in Russia is at the centre of what may be the biggest archaeological story […]

384 dead at the time of posting this info. Tragic. An initial tsunami warning was lifted following the 7.5 mag, 10km depth ‘quake: https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/world/2018-09-28-tsunami-warning-lifted-after-major-quake-strikes-off-indonesia/ Big mistake. Nothing learned from 2004? https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2018/09/indonesian-tsunami-s-moment-of-impact-captured-on-video.html Indonesian earthquake: At least 384 killed after 7.5 magnitude quake causes tsunami …a picture that needs no words… https://youtu.be/XUuTX0XeeZ8 […]

Has the world gone mad? Well, yes, apparently. The Beach Boys classic “Good Vibrations” springs to mind: Pregnant women who like the idea of playing music to their unborn babies can now do so through a brand new gadget: a vaginal speaker. https://youtu.be/Bv0YB_XnnR0 company Babypod has created a small pink […]

Both speeches worth watching in their entirety. Trump the Nationalist “Putting America First” as he promised. Ardern promoting, essentially, a Globalist message, yet embracing Te Reo and NZ pragmatism. (And she didn’t join in the laughter at Trump’s opening remarks). A real contrast and both speeches valid and impressive (whether […]

https://youtu.be/dV1taq9dsYA Edge Of Wonder ( Ben and Rob) have a knack of presenting “heavy” material in a manner that is easy to digest for newbies and laypersons, yet meets the criteria of the cognisent and seasoned researcher. There is a whole series of these “Deep State” themed presentations and they […]

The Save Our Landlines campaign is asking for people to take action TODAY against the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Bill which has passed its second reading.   Save Our Landlines NZs website is www.saveourlandlines.nz and the campaign’s position is that the bill should be withdrawn and redrafted so that it […]

Could this report be true? Read the article and documentation: It’s credible! Martin’s Note: When I first read this report, I did a double-take, the backtracked and re-read it several times. Please use discernment and note use of personal opinions and speculation (however credible) by the author. And remember “if […]

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