Operation Paperclip: The Mueller Deception

FILE: NAZI War Crimes Interagency Working Group, CIA DIrectorate of Operations Record Group 263: Gestapo Head Heinrich Mueller.

By G-Squared

Mueller was noted as having disappeared (OSS-CIA files) in May 1945.The deception continues.

He was reported as having suicided. He was reported as having been buried. His documentation was presented, with his medals and awards, as proof of the body. Three Heinrich Muellers were identified and their files conveniently confused.

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The head of The NAZI Gestapo, General Heinrich Mueller, was in The US, courtesy of The Truman Administration and its OSS-CIA. He worked for The CIA, then retired gracefully with many of his compatriots in South America.  

He had drawn the attention of Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich, by following NAZI ideology in place of standard police proceedures, and became an obvious choice when The Geheime Staatspolizei was formed. In turn becoming The Reich Main Security Office (RSHA). Mueller becoming Chief of Gestapo RSHA Amt IV overseeing the policies against Jews and groups deemed a threat to the state.Adolf Eichmann; under Mueller; headed The Gestapo Office of Resettlement and The Office of Jewish Affairs. He was not a train official as he postured in his trial.

Mueller was involved in many matters, including The False Flag 1939 Gleiwitz Affair, precipitating The Invasion of Poland.

He was the cause of SIS Stewart Menzies forming The Cambridge Ring and the positioning of John Cairncross at Bletchley. As Churchill and The US were blocking intel to Russia. NAZI Germany was NOT THE ENEMY. Since before The Naploenic Wars, Russia was always the enemy, with its massive land areas. And future known massive natural resources.

Both Menzies and Mueller knew that Soviet Russia would determine the outcome of The European War. As it had done throughout history.

Mueller’s Op. Rote Kapelle, captured and turned a number of Soviet Agents in Germany. Through whom Germany was able to feed false intel to Russia.

Russia being the postured enemy of The US? The Rothschild Agenda, from before the manipulated Napoleonic Era. The prime element for The US inventing The Cold War. The further failed attempt to occupy the fertile lands of Russia. And in the contemporary; to plunder its massive natural resources.

The Russian matter is ongoing.

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The Walter Schellenberg File was part of the deception to prevent the information concerning Op. Paperclip Mueller, being revealed. 

Schellenberg was head of RSHA Foreign Intel. Amt VI. He postured to OSS in 1945 that Mueller was taken in by The Soviets after the war. Exposed by Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Head of RSHA, and further confirmed by Heinz Pannwitz, Mueller’s Gestapo subordinate. Further reconfirmed in his 1959 CIA interrogation.

In Feb.1945; NAZI intel units; financed by looted assets, were positioned in The Bavarian Alps, under Mueller.

27/5/1945; a priority target list from RSHA Amt VI, SD units, and The Gestapo was issued by US occupying forces.The central characters were; Mueller, Sandberger, Schellenberg, Steimle, and Ohlendorf. Mueller being the only one never interviewed. As at 18/6/1945; no leading Gestapo had been located. They were all protected by OSS.

July 1945; Amt VI targets had been arrested. Amt IV targets were never located, being hidden by OSS in; Munich, Salzburg, and Innsbruck.

A false humint file planted on 21/8/1945 read; ‘H. Mueller, head of the Gestapo: Last reported Berlin, Apr. 1945.’ Subsequent target lists, included Huppenkothen, but never Mueller.

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By the end of 1945, OSS had several Heinrich Muellers on file. Three were used to damage the central target’s file. Revealed during the research of Military IRR files released by The US National Archives in 2000. The files of the two SS-Generals Heinrich Mueller, were confused. A CIA index card supposedly collating the information on target Gestapo Mueller, written after the war, contained two different birth dates, together with data concerning a third unrelated character.

Mueller was protected and hidden by OSS-CIA from the days he was selected for Op. Paperclip transfer to The CIA. Along with the movement of thousands of others, determined as high value NAZIs to be positioned in the covert US ‘Government’ and its agencies and functionaries.

In 1945; a further diversion of a Heinrich Mueller was recorded as being held at Altenstadt internment camp. in April 1946; another allegedly committed suicide. Several deaths having been ‘officially’ recorded.

A planted file appeared in G2; that Mueller was Schwartz and travelled from Berlin with Gestapo Christian Scholz, in 1947.

The CIA planted files became more ridiculous as the years passed. The convenient cover of death eventually overtook searches. As it did, along with ‘Dissapeared without trace’, for the thousands of NAZIs funded by Prescott Bush and NAZI loot, and taken in by The CIA of Allen Dulles and GHWB.

The dramatic Israeli abduction of Mueller’s subordinate Adolf Eichmann from Argentina in May 1960 created new interest in Nazi war criminals and particularly in Mueller. Stories that Mueller and Eichmann escaped and were alive had originating from SS Wilhelm Hoettl’s memoires. Eichmann, during his trial, stated that Mueller was alive.

In July 1960, the West German office for the prosecution of war criminals (Zentralle Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltungen) had local Bavarian police search for Mueller under the belief that he had communicated with Barbara Hellmuth.

In May 1961, the Bavarian police requested The US put Hellmuth and Anna Schmid under surveillance. No one had ever witnessed the deaths of Mueller or Scholz.

Fritz Leopold (mortuary official) lied concerning Mueller’s body (Sept. 1963, the Mueller grave at Lilienthalstrasse was exhumed to find three different people, none of whom were Mueller). Heinz Pannwitz, lied to The Bundesnachrichtendienst – BND concerning a Soviet interrogation  revealing that Mueller was dead. Walter Lueders postured that a body he buried in a mass grave at Grosse-Hamburgerstasse was Mueller. Confirmed in 1955 by The Wehrmachtsauskunftsstelle – WASt. But no individual body could be identified. In Jan. 1961, KGB mole in Polish Intel Michal Goleniewski, exposed KGB moles in SIS; George Blake, Harry Houghton, and Heinz Felfe, and revealed Jakob Loellgen (Gestapo head of Danzig) as an associate of Mueller. No file exists that Loellgen was ever arrested or questioned.

An archived CIA file with the name KGB Petr Deriabin redacted, claimed that Mueller had been interrogated by The KGB in 1951, but could not be confirmed. Unlike The US, The Soviets would not employ NAZIs in their intel services.

Mueller became a CIA asset and was correctly sighted, but not recorded in, Cuba, Argentina, The US, and Panama. In 1967 the arrest of Francis Keith in Panama was a False Flag (wrong fingerprints), allowing Mueller to leave. Subsequently two Israeli operatives were arrested in West Germany breaking-in to Mueller’s wife’s apartment. The CIA never took a legitimate interest in finding Mueller. But did act to confuse the various files, that it could access.

The Abedin Bekir Nakoschiri File was also fraudulent.

In May 1970, Czech defector, Ladislas Bittman (redacted on file) lied concerning Mueller in The USSR, to enhance his value.

To gather and ‘manage’ all intel files on Mueller, CIA CI Head Angleton (The orchestrator of The GHWB Coup against JFK), opened a CI Brief for ‘Gestapo Mueller’. Which eventually gathered all the ‘Evidence’ and was closed in Dec. 1971. Even from open source declass docs, no intention to legitmately investigate can be found. A conclusion of ‘Mueller most likely died in Berlin in early May 1945‘, delivers the intent.

Mueller’s CIA value (above all other intel agencies), was that he came with truckloads of ALL GESTAPO FILES, and knew how they worked.

Apart from knowing where much of the loot was buried. As did Marcos concerning Yamashita in The Philippines. Until he was no longer of value, and stopped playing puppet to have his nation destroyed.

The birth of the contemporary US empire on the back of the looted world. And they still couldn’t make it work.

G Squared
G Squared

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