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“Whitcoulls appears to have removed Jordan Peterson’s books from sale” …But Mein Kampf Is Still OK?


Shame on you Whitcoulls! We can read Mein Kampf (yup it’s still available from Whitcoulls) But not “12 Rules For Life”? The following article from Stuff calls Jordan Peterson a “controversial Right wing author”. He is no such thing. He is a clinical psychologist who has ridden a wave of popularity due to his common sense advice and commentary. It shouldn’t be called “common” sense any more as it is no longer common, sadly.

Bookstore chain Whitcoulls appears to have stopped selling controversial right-wing author and speaker Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life amid concerns about “disturbing material” circulating around the Christchurch attacks.

A staff member at Whitcoulls in Albany said it was not available in any stores around the country. She did not know whether that was a permanent move. A search for the book on the chain’s website does not return any hits.

Jordan Peterson was pictured with a fan wearing an “I’m a proud Islamophobe” t-shirt during his recent trip to New Zealand. The photo circulated on Twitter in the wake of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

The book contains little reference to Islam but Peterson has previously been criticised for his description of Muhammad as a “warlord”.


I am disgusted and ashamed that such censorship is taking place in New Zealand.

Martin Harris 23/3/19

PS: I have strong reason to believe that the promotion of the photo of Peterson with T shirted fan has more to do with JP’s strong criticism of Socialism and “far left” agendas. If the reader has half a clue then you can put two and two together.

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