MUST WATCH! NZ’s Own Taken Generation: Newsroom’s Shocking Investigation

Powerful and condemning. Newsroom’s Melanie Reid was on the scene to witness the underhanded behavior, the lies, the deception and the heartbreaking mistreatment of mother and baby.

Horrifying to think this takes place in modern day NZ. Thankfully, this documentary and it’s follow ups (which have been shared on Social Media) have resulted in strong public reaction and a call for justice and answers. MH

Reporter Melanie Reid at the entrance to Hawkes Bay Hospital while the attempted uplifts of the newborn bay were being attempted. Photo: Supplied.

All afternoon on May 6, Oranga Tamariki, assisted by police, attempted to uplift the newborn baby, but each attempt was averted by two midwives and the young mother’s lawyer. The next night, under the cover of darkness, Oranga Tamariki, with a large contingent of police backed by hospital security, again attempted to uplift the baby. This went on for nearly six hours until the early hours of the next morning. The mother’s main support midwife, Ripeka Ormsby, had her swipe card disabled by the DHB and security prevented her from entering the hospital. Also locked out were the mother’s whānau and respected kaumatua. The young mother, with none of her support people, clung to her baby while facing off two social workers who spent hours in her room trying to get her to give up the baby.

Please watch the documentary at the link below:


Families whose kids were taken by Oranga Tamariki gather for hui

Families struggling with the removal of their children by Oranga Tamariki will gather for a hui in Waikato on Sunday.

Organiser Lou Hutchinson claims that when a child is removed from a family, it is not always justified – which is having a detrimental effect on whanau.

She says Mother’s Day in particular is dreaded.

“It’s probably a day they really don’t want to wake up and have to face – another day without their children, another day… wondering if they’ll ever see their children again…READ MORE

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