…Or How The Socialist Movement Created Their Own Monster! by Martin Harris 22/6/19 In the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings, the conspicuous Left-Wing element of the media and universities, especially in New Zealand, were keen to “strike while the iron is hot”. Busy scouring the internet with every […]

You can read the details elsewhere, and you know the geopolitical rub. here’s the important part. by Martin Harris 22/6/18 Iran shot down a US Military drone aircraft. With his advisors pushing for retaliation, and minutes to go before launch, President Donald Trump asks how many lives might be lost […]

Scratched my head over this one and what the agenda might be. Then I spied the reference to vaccines: “Follow The Money”. Yes, they want to vaccinate your cat on the flimsy and rather preposterous pretext that your pussy is a dolphin killer. NIWA’s already shaky credibility just took a […]

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