Plans for 34,500 new homes at Pukekohe… looking like Agenda 21/30 pack & stack housing

Yet again the warnings about 2030 Agenda have proven valid. We blogged about the forthcoming pack & stack homes a few years back, and now, as Pam Vernon reports, we have more confirmation: The slums of the future are here!

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A NZ Herald article tells us we have 34,500 homes being built for folk in Pukekohe & Drury over the next 30 years. From what I am seeing it looks like typical Agenda 21/30 pack and stack housing, packing you into the A21 Smart Cities (see also the NZ page). To learn more about those watch the video below where in the US the plan is a bit further along. In it you will see that some will be ready wired to the smart grid . With 5G  (further video at link) this all makes sense. These corporates have deprived New Zealanders of a great proportion of our once state-owned asset, State housing, bulldozing them still as we speak. Key sold off some 21% of our state housing I heard recently, see the article on the land banking that went on in Tamaki and elsewhere under his watch. And so with the real estate under them gone for a song to the property developers via their public private partnerships (listen to Joan Veon at the link, see this NZ link also), the homeless, victims of our manufactured housing crisis are currently sleeping in cars, garages, sheds you name it, while the current NZ corporation parading as a government prepares for you the compact city living apartments that superficially may look great but be aware they have a different agenda in mind. Watch the video of one of NZ’s developers who was all but gifted the Horowhenua pensioner housing with property thrown in courtesy of the local council. He was speaking in a NZ Herald interview on one of his high rise housing developments on Auckland’s waterfront. In it he speaks about garages under the apartments. The apartments are safe he said because they have 24/7 surveillance, his words, and when questioned about car spaces he replied ‘people are not ready yet to be car less’ so garages are included at this stage. All looks pretty benign but be aware they envision you will be on bicycles and out of cars (notice all the cycle ways … they’re not really about your health folks). They of course will remain in their cars, same as they remain in their private jets to attend those scam climate conventions or their G7 summits in top class locations. They only pay lip service to the great ideas they are foisting upon you, it is you who won’t be.

High density housing in Hong Kong: Is this our future?

READ THE HERALD ARTICLE below about Drury & Pukekohe plans

The NZ Herald interview with NZ property developer & a car less future:


Below are two videos that show you the pack and stack housing in the US where it is being rolled out with vigor.


Published on Jul 7, 2018

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2 thoughts on “Plans for 34,500 new homes at Pukekohe… looking like Agenda 21/30 pack & stack housing

  1. Here in NZ and in particular on the South Island, there is absolutely no need for dense urban “sustainable living”. Our economy is all out in the the country and the only “industry” in our cities for our lime scooter commuters is paper shuffling in the civil service.

    The scary bit is that solar cycles are pushing our climate to a new mini ice age and agriculture will fail. We are looking at a future of urban death traps rampant with crime, starvation and poverty.

    1. The plan is to increase Christchurch population to 500 thousand. Since Wellington will likely be obliterated in the Alpine Fault quake we’ll probably be the new capital. Our economy won’t be in the country for long if we continue to tread the current path. Intensive dairying isn’t sustainable and we’ve sent our best dairy stock to China anyhow. They used us as a doormat.

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