Sabrina Carpenter’s “In My Bed”: A Video about the Mind Control of a Young Girl … Made by Disney

Through disturbing symbolism, the video “In My Bed” by Disney star Sabrina Carpenter is a blatant celebration of MKULTRA and the sick culture of the occult elite

By Vigilant Citizen on August 17, 2019

Sabrina Carpenter is one of the many child stars who grew inside the Disney system who then launched a solo career that is defined by the debased agenda of the occult elite. Not unlike other ex-Disney stars such as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and countless others, Sabrina Carpenter had a huge fanbase consisting of children who watch the Disney Channel. Her transition into a solo pop star also caused her fans to “transition” to a deeper level of disturbing material.
Sabrina’s career began at age 12 when she played the role of a young rape victim in the 2011 NBC series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She was then recruited by Disney to play the role of Maya Heart in the series Girl Meets World and of Jenny Parker in  Adventures in Babysitting – a Disney Channel original movie.
Disney also recruited Carpenter for her singing skills. She is signed with the Disney-owned Hollywood Records, alongside other ex-Disney stars Demi Lovato and Bea Miller.
Pictured above: Bea Miller (left) and Demi Lovato (right) doing the one-eye sign, meaning that they are owned by the occult elite.
Since Carpenter is signed with the same label, you better believe that she has to display the same symbolism.
Sabrina Carpenter's "In My Bed": A Video about the Mind Control of a Young Girl ... Made by Disney

The cover art of Carpenter’s single Why features a clear one-eye sign. The general design is a nod to the splitting of the personality of mind control slaves.

On the cover of her last album, one of her eyes is cleverly hidden by shadow. Click to enlarge

Beyond the one-eye sign, Carpenter’s entire act is infused with the occult elite’s agenda. The most obvious proof of this fact is her video In My Bed, which clearly portrays the singer as a mind-controlled slave (to fully understand what is about to be explained, read my article on Monarch programming first).

In My Bed

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