South Island political hopefuls ‘doubt’ impact of humans on climate change

This is great to hear, especially when it’s being reported by the Climate Narrative supporting MSM sources!

…trouble is, when these “hopefuls” get voted into the hot-seat, they often get indoctrinated by the UN Agenda 2030 machine. We can only hope. MH.

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From The Press (Stuff/Fairfax)

A quarter of Christchurch’s mayoral and city council candidates questioned by Stuff are unsure whether humans have directly contributed to climate change.

The same number do not believe councils should do everything in their power to help limit the extent of global warming, while one in four say current efforts by central and local governments to tackle the problem are adequate. 

The findings come from a nationwide investigation into beliefs around climate change among those standing for local and regional councils at the upcoming elections…READ MORE

Christchurch mayoral candidate Robin McCarthy made his feelings on climate change clear at a debate on Thursday hosted by environmental campaign groups Generation Zero and School Strike 4 Climate.
Christchurch mayoral candidate Robin McCarthy, who raised eyebrows at a mayoral debate on climate change on Thursday when he brandished a placard claiming “the lie of CO2 impact”, argues the science is not settled and dismissed the United Nations-led Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as “hockey stick fraud”.

The Press/Stuff article goes on to make a noise about Southshore/New Brighton and the alleged “long term threat” from sea level rise. Well, I’ve lived here for 37 years, visit the beach pretty much daily. Haven’t seen the sea level rise any in all that time. Did see the land drop a meter in some localized areas after the big 2011 earthquake though. And should we have an Alpine Fault quake the whole lot will probably rise just like Kaikoura. And that’s more likely to happen than any climate change threat! MH

New Brighton and Southshore are some of the most vulnerable areas in Christchurch, facing a long-term threat of rising sea levels.
Southshore, New Brighton (Christchurch NZ). A sand spit barely above sea level. NOT in danger of being overwhelmed by AGW induced sea level rise despite the alarmism!

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