Coalition Collision part One: NZ First Says “Less 1080”, But Labour Says “Let It Flow”. What’s The Story?

1080 poison stance illustrates the opposing agendas within the current NZ coalition government. And highlights something bigger in the Geopolitical scene!

By Martin Harris

Great news, one should think, that NZ First has launched a $3.5 million initiative to reduce the use of 1080 and replace with more species specific traps. But Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage disagrees. She sees a future where the cruel and indiscriminate poison is used in greater volumes.

Why? Is there some hidden agenda at work (besides $$$ for the 1080 manufacturers.)? Read on.

With DOC now claiming that 1080 was NOT responsible for the deaths of some 600 rats and the suggestion that a storm was responsible, one might then ask if Mother Nature is therefore a more effective pest-control mechanism than artificial methods? It would seem however, that this is just another case of the Department Of Conservation utilizing the Smoke and Mirrors approach to hoodwink the Mainstream Media and the general (unquestioning) public.

Westport Deaths 1080

Regardless of the causes of this recent “animal armageddon”, it has brought 1080 back into the spotlight, at a time when contrasting attitudes between the coalition parties making up NZ’s encumbent government are highlighted by the very same 1080 controversy.

Obviously, the Winston Peters-led New Zealand First Party wants to please it’s 1080-opposing supporters as elections loom closer and has shown the way forward with an initiative to introduce traps and gradually reduce the requirement for the poison. It’s a logical move. Traps are species-specific, when properly designed they result in a clean, quick kill.

New Zealand First are celebrating the announcement of an investment of $3.5 million into five new trapping devices. These are a range of bait and trap devices, all designed to be left unattended for long periods of time.NZ First conservation spokesperson Jenny Marcroft says that this latest development will reduce the need for 1080 poison to eradicate predator species.”This funding signals a necessary and significant shift away from the use of 1080 in New Zealand without compromising our pest control requirements.” She said. Funding will come from the $19.5 million investment announced early this year from the Provincial Growth Fund, which is earmarked to find an alternative to 1080-use.The remaining $12 million will be used for new large-scale predator control projects.The traps will contribute towards the goal of making New Zealand predator-free by 2050.

So why is Eugenie Sage, the conservation minister, publicly opposing her coalition counterparts and stating that the “Predator Free 2050” campaign will involve the ever-increasing use of a poison that is indiscriminate and results in a cruel and agonizing death for it’s victims? A poison that appears to have decimated the Kea (native parrot) population among other “collateral” effects.

New Zealand First is celebrating $3.5 million funding from the Provincial Growth Fund for a series of projects as a step away from the use of 1080 for predator control.A press release from the party describes the funding for five trap and lure Predator Free 2050 projects is as “a necessary and significant shift away from the use of 1080.”That’s echoed by Under Secretary for Economic Development, NZ First MP Fletcher Tabuteau who told Newshub “for us – for the Government – but more particularly, for NZ First, this signals a move away [from 1080]”.That’s at odds with the Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage, who’s hoping to increase the use of the poison.

Let’s take a step back and look at the wider picture. Because there is something else big going on in the NZ political scene right now and it’s no coincidence: NZ First is under fire for alleged funding “irregularities”. With Labour owing their encumbency to “Kingmaker” Peters, Prime Minister Ardern is between a rock and a hard place, taking a “not my business” approach. Sooner or later, her hand may be forced.

Meanwhile the National Party opposition could well be accused of hypocrisy. Such past endeavors as the infamous Flag Change referendum have been motivated by clandestine funding from secretive (Chinese) interests and the Lee-Ross scandal exposed yet more under-the-radar dodgy palm-greasing.

Globalism versus Inter-Nationalism

The name of the party under the investigative hammer says it all: New Zealand First. A distinctly Nationalist title and statement of mission. In fact, it resonates with the mission slogan of another nationalist leader. “Make America Great Again. Might as well equate to “USA First“. And in his own neck of the woods, Donald Trump is likewise under attack for alleged naughtiness.

It doesn’t stop there. Another charismatic, outspoken and divisive figure, in the same vein as Peters and Trump, is equally feeling the pressure in the UK. Boris Johnson has been pulling out all the stops to deliver Brexit: Essentially a nationalist “Britain First/Make Britain Great Again” initiative.

How about Scott Morrison in Australia? Facing criticism over a refusal to follow the globalist agenda. As The Guardian reports:

On 3 October, in a speech to the Lowy Institute after his visit to the US, Morrison declared sovereign nations need to eschew an “unaccountable internationalist bureaucracy” and the world needs to avoid “negative globalism”, an echo of Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations declaring the future belonged to patriots, not globalists.

In the aftermath of the latest Aussie wildfires, Morrison is facing criticism for his failure to act over that UN/Globalist boogeyman, the “Climate Emergency”. More on that shortly. (Part Two)

So, a picture emerges. National interests and sensible global co-operation and trade (Inter-Nationalism) , versus “Negative Globalism“, meaning a Totalitarian New World Order with China at the helm. And the Globalists are frantically attacking the Nationalists by whatever means possible. The games and tactics of everyday politics (a dirty game at the best of times) being blown up to the level of “impeachable” offences. Overinflated show-trials aided all too willingly by the Mainstream Media.

So what has this geopolitical war got to do with the 1080 poison controversy in New Zealand? I will answer that question in the second part of this blog following shortly! MH

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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    1. Indeed Peter. Traps are species specific and non-toxic. But that defeats the object (the hidden agenda). I’ll expand on this in the second part of this blog.

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