George Soros: The Mug Behind the Globalists (and Anti-Trumpism)

His name is often mentioned, but we’re frequently asked who he actually is and what is his agenda? This article sums things up rather well. MH

Hide Out Now – Nov 30, 2019

George Soros has financed abortion on demand, legalization of drugs, and more recently, district attorney races in many American cities with radical candidates. But most of all, he is 100 percent into ending Trump.

A “dark money” group that received millions from George Soros’s advocacy network is the source of a seven-figure ad blitz urging vulnerable Republicans in swing districts to support the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

In the battle royale between patriots and globalists, between Trump and his myriad of adversaries that my co-author Felipe Cuello and I outlined in our new book, Trump’s World, one person stands out as the dominant player—against Trump and patriots, everywhere, anywhere, and always.

Soros has a net worth of $8 billion, having donated more than $32 billion to his various radical and leftist political causes.

The 89-year-old Eastern European oligarch, born as György Schwartz, is an immigrant to America and a left-wing billionaire who made his fortune blackmailing countries and orchestrating currency panics as a force to contend with. He also settled a notorious case in France on insider stock trading, a crime.

Watch him brag that the “Trump phenomenon will disappear in 2020”; thanks in no small part to his activism and extensive funding. “Clearly,” Soros says, “I consider the Trump Administration a danger to the world.”

Soros made his gigantic fortune as a global-macro hedge fund operator.

His flagship, Quantum Fund, is based on very short-term speculation. It does not invest in companies, social good, innovation, or environmentalism over the long run. Instead, Soros makes massive, highly-leveraged spot bets on the direction of the financial and capital markets.

Remembered as the man who “broke the Bank of England” in a short on the British pound in 1992, and later as a prime mover behind the Asian financial crisis and collapse of Thailand’s currency (baht) in 1997, governments live in fear of the Hungarian-born, nefarious legend, who repeatedly has caused market chaos to reap huge benefits—for himself.

Isn’t it odd that such a manipulative, selfish, market-driven dark trader would be so socialist and globalist in orientation?

Perhaps not.

Over the decades, Soros has poured his riches into a wide assortment of left-wing causes and organizations, most notably centered around his Open Society Foundation, which is anything but what it sounds.

Here are a handful of his biggest beneficiaries, all of them on the far Left. He is also a huge benefactor to Democrats, having given more than $9 million to Hillary Clinton and her super PACs in the last election round alone:

-> American Civil Liberties Union
-> Bill of Rights Defense Committee
-> Brookings Institution
-> Campus Progress
-> Center for American Progress
->Center for Community Change
-> Center for Economic and Policy Research
-> Color Of ChangeConstitution Project
-> Democracy Alliance
->Democracy 21
->Drum Major Institute
->European Council on Foreign Relations
->Free Exchange on Campus
-> Gamaliel Foundation
->Global Witness
-> Green for All
-> Human Rights Campaign
-> I’lam
-> Independent Media Center
-> Independent Media Institute
-> Institute for New Economic Thinking
-> International Crisis GroupMedia Matters for America
-> National Abortion Federation
-> National Organization for Women
-> National Public Radio
-> Natural Resources Defense Council
-> NewsCorpWatch
-> People Improving Communities Through Organizing
-> Planned Parenthood
-> Project VotePsychologists for Social Responsibility
-> Tides Foundation and Tides Center
-> U.S. Public Interest Research Group

It is no wonder why Soros is often called “the Godfather of the Left.” He is their proverbial moneybag.

Soros is supposedly very pleased to have enemies.

In a recent interview, he related, “I’m very proud of the enemies I have . . . It’s a perfect way to tell a dictator or a would-be dictator if he identifies me as an enemy.”

Convenient logic for a real dictator and illiberal enemy of the people. Yet he counts Donald Trump as Public Enemy No. 1.

Backing a plan to stop Brexit in Great Britain and now on board with Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, the financier even backs her wealth tax.

He has financed abortion on demand, legalization of drugs, and more recently, district attorney races in many American cities with unbelievably radical candidates.

But most of all he is 100 percent into ending Trump and seeing globalism enshrined worldwide.


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