Last chance to stop Nongfu’s water-bottling plant!

Let Australia’s situation be a warning to us all! While the fires raged and the country dealt with drought conditions, the government allowed consent for billions of litres of water to be bottled by overseas corporations. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN HERE! MH

To the 10,392 fabulous people who signed our Push Pause petition… Thank you! We’re planning to deliver the petition to the Minister in February, when Peter and I will be in Wellington for the NZ Freshwater Conference.
In the meantime, we have a favour to ask.  We know you’d like to see a moratorium on new water botting consents so we’re hoping some of you will want to help Sustainable Otakiri stop yet another water-bottling consent.  Click here to PLEDGE Currently, NZ exports 160 million litres of water each year.  Cresswell NZ (subsidiary of bottling giant Nongfu) wants to add another 500 million litres to that figure and produce over 30 billion plastic bottles over the term of its consent.  The carbon emissions from production and transportation are another concern. In December, the Environment Court made a 2:1 split decision to grant Cresswell’s application for resource consent, but Sustainable Otakiri has the opportunity to appeal that decision.  They also have a chance to make the production of plastic and its impacts on the environment something that must be considered under the RMA… The Court’s dissenting Commissioner – David Kernohan – was of the view that the consent should be declined because of the effects of the production of so much plastic on the environment.  He said that “Allowing the creation of products that will clearly add to current pollution in the environment without any commitment to avoid remedy or mitigate the pollution is against the purpose of the Act.” His judgement shows incredible leadership and we know his argument needs to be tested in the High Court. See part of that argument here. Sustainable Otakiri has a solid case (on additional grounds) but needs help to raise $21,000 by Monday morning (to reach their PledgeMe target). If you PLEDGE or SHARE this email you’ll be making a huge difference to this David v Goliath battle to protect our wai. You can also donate direct: Save Our Water and Environment 06 0489 0754608 30 Thanks for your continued support!
Niki Gladding Co-convenor Aotearoa Water Action Inc.

See recent media here: Community takes fight against water bottling to the High Court
Water bottling hiatus urged
RNZ interview – why we need a moratorium on new water bottling consents
Aotearoa Water Action Inc. started this petition on the OurActionStation community campaign platform. If there’s an issue close to your heart that you’d like to campaign on, you can start your campaign here.


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