COVID, HCQ, the DNC and the CCP.

With the combination of ideological malcontents not allowing any crisis to go to waste, and the goodies always being hidden for release at times of major-distraction sporting events or on the eve of weekends, or holiday periods, the flood is seeping forth.

by G Squared 11/4/20

Bioethicist and Oncologist (a stunning conflict for the students of withheld Cancer treatments) Izekiel Emanuel (brother of Obama’s Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago purveyor of ‘Educational’ Pornography to young children, Rahm) has joined Deep Stater Fauci, walking away from their prior insane Junk Science based COVID-19 predictions.

Eighteen months for management, 2.2 million to die in US, leading to the massive Dem mail voting fraud for 3/11/2020 being an essential. Nothing of what they were posturing is in anyway attached to reality.

The Emanuels changed their name from Averbach, after their father was involved in The 1967 Palestinian and following wars. The usual story of poor immigrants fleeing to America as a haven, and living in one room, doesn’t match with dear Izekial (the political philosophy major) running through Exeter Oxford then elitist Harvard. And his two young brothers not being as impoverished and without choices, as they pretend.

Trump spoke of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Azithromycin, and Zinc. He didn’t make these up.

HCQ is given to all ICU staff managing COVID. The patients now moved out of the system to military hospitals. An additional 10,000 National Guard added to the prior 17,000 have been deployed for logistics purposes. 3,000 additional medical staff have been deployed by the military.

Trump is careful not to frighten the herds by overt Martial Law. Albeit Dem states with Obama holdover Dem Benches, are taking the opportunity to play Police State, which he will need to address. Church goers are being arrested, abortion returned as Essential Surgery, gun shops closed, and police-enforced curfews imposed.

Two tests are being run for HCQ, to quieten the political noises of ideologically driven Junk Scientists. 1,500 around New York hospitals and 3,000 alone in The Ford Hospital.

The Junkmeisters have also focussed on the antibiotic. Suddenly it causes hearing loss and retinal damage. this from the same ‘Scientists’ who push that Weather is Climate Change.

“The Utopian Socialists love you, but Trump will kill you.” We are told.

People are dying; but they might suffer reduced hearing.

The Deep State, Fiefdom Entrenched, Hippocratic Oath Denying Ideologically Delusional, ‘Medical Profession Public Servants’ will let us know in two years. I previously wrote of the great and ‘Approved’ tests that would take 45 years to run the population. While at the same time plants are screeching why hasn’t the whole population been checked. Reduced to five minutes and some 140,000 conducted daily.

The spiralled Deep State Medical Fraud, Marxist Media plant that the 18,000 testing machines are faulty, is a lie. They are being serviced on rotation due to the volume of usage.

The Junkmeisters, trying to denounce the test by leaking lies to their Marxist Media partners in crime, went silent when they could not sell that Trump’s 140,000 a day five minute swab test was not better than their 400 per day, invasive, three week test.

Not bad enough that we suffer the best The DNC has to offer of the demented and insane Sanders and Biden, now He who infallibly knows the mind of God, Black Pope himself, comes out with COVID-19 being caused by Climate Change!

Just when you thought that Catholocism could not sink lower. Did God really tell him that? Or is God playing a little joke on Franki ? Surrounded in opulence as he is. To which two thousand years of genocide, wars, and The Third World can attest.

Gates is delivering his smiley hidden agenda. The monopoly and First Amendment Enemy we all had to have.

The US was always the China’s prime target. Which is why The US Statistics are so disproportionate and unbalanced. The fake low data from China (murdering their own as fast as they can) and the fake high data from Italy (for example), are to ‘balance’ The US in a false propaganda framework.

Yes folks: all back in full harness (you can never actually resign or retire, no matter what the retard elements do to you) for the higher ideal over the next decade. Counter-Intel is now the leading front line. HUAC and Cold War revisited. Buy the supersize popcorn. By the time you leave to refill or upsize, you will have lost the trail.

The DNC may be shafting both Sanders (pretending to be out, while keeping delegates and increasing their numbers) and Biden, to bring in a surprise Feale candidate at the last moment. Gretchen Whitmer, the insane Governor or Michigan has been mooted.

(Martin comments: Not unreasonable. Look how effective the last-minute introduction of Jacinda Ardern, pushing aside Andrew Little, into NZ’s Election race was for the Labour Party).

Tulsi Gabbard is a bit dangerous for The DNC. Even though she is the best they have. I have already suggested that Trump should pull her in as VP.

Bad Management by certain governors as well as ideologically distorted socio-cultural mental malignancies, have caused, the predictable statistical realities. Termed ‘Racism’; the famous ‘White Lash’ by the white, Christian, privileged males. The suicidal determinations now politely refererrd to as a disproportionate effect on ‘Minorities’ caused by previously ignored underlying health conditions. That must be addressed. Expect money to be thrown as the PR salve to nowhere. The “You can lead the horse to water” syndrome.

For those who like REAL NUMBERS, not the politically correct, docile and digestible: 36% of all cases are in Dem-run states. 75% to 80% of all cases are African-American. Sanctuary Cities and Anti-Discrimination Delusions, have compounded the problems.

Not true that Trump has preferenced supplies to GOP states. FEMA with The Military are managing all stockpiles and logistics. Dem governors and mayors have demonstrated what they are.

The 5,000 asymptomatic carriers sent in by China, specifically targeted the artificially dense Dem Sanctuary City and Black Ghetto ideological areas. China looking for Race War to add to a Civil War.

The Obama appointed DemBench Activists are out of the box. Aged and mitigating Church goers in Mississippi have been arrested by silly PPE attired police.

David Daleiden who outed, yet again, The Planned Parenthood murder and parts harvesting factory, was loaded with some 19 criminal charges. Even as their own judge started kicking out the more insane charges; The San Francisco AG (this was the breeding ground of the idiotic Kamala Harris, and “why she should be President”) is loading more concoctions onto the cart.

Trump will wear out his Pardon Pen by the time he backtracks all the NAZI Criminal Mueller’s false conviction list.

Recall NBC Loon Megyn Kelly selling The Brennan Lie of 17 US Intel Agencies agreeing that Trump colluded with Putin? Now another fake report has emerged, planted to appear that it is from The Pentagon (wait for The Marxist Media fixation). It reads that Trump knew of COVID from Nov. 2019 and did nothing. The backing being the half-truth that The BioWeapon SARS-CoV-2 was transported by selected asymptomatic carriers attending The World Military Games in Wuhan.

Trump will begin by reopening economic sectors. There is a relapse Phase 2 of COVID to hit The US. Confirmed, as with asymptomatic carrying, by The Diamond Princess and other tests.

The counter problems include that The US cannot keep flooding the hidden cash clearing houses indefinately. There is a complex recycling system in place. The Fed is standing aside but will need to repump The Repo Market at $1.5 billion a day, at a later stage.

This is a backup to the current lending banks. It can be adjusted by Trump, guaranteeing the banks, to use their own funds.

There is a necessary sidestep through Treasury. Particularly as The Dem House has just piled on more blackmail to pass a bill for an additional $355 billion.

It is imperative that The House be taken from Dem control. Not only to pass essential appropriations, but to block the blackmails and reverse all those that have already had to be approved.

Trump has seen it all before. Even if they polish it, gild it, and march it around on a silver platter, for the herds to be amazed.

Trump is filling all US strategic reserve facilities, including the little known barrel-dumps into rivers and shallow waters, with crude. Tens of millions of barrels. Bought from the idiot Saudis at some $9 a barrel and currently $23. Well below the stabilized $70 plus price.

Even Putin went to to see them. The $11 trillion bankrupted Saudi Aramco. That alone is  a massive signal as to the Expert Economic Advice they are receiving.

Those genocidal Islamic Factional Wars around The Middle East and Africa are very expensive. Even when The Bushes, The Clintons and Obama, tip in a further $11 trillion from The US Treasury (As Trump recently advised) and provide free invasions and occupations.

Blairite Jacqui Smith was ever willing to answer the call of the people of Iraq. What an amazing moron.

Compare this retard with The Chilcot Report.

I previously wrote of an economic expert Saudi ploy with cohorts OPEC, and UAE, to mysteriously return the oil market to supplier driven by over-supply! Doomed to fail on its own account, the drop in buyer need pushed the market below Extraction cost. Production and Logistics  costs separate again.

The problems of Inflation, Unemployment, and Keynesianism entering Infrastructure, as well as unrelated political agendas.

Trump avoided the planned flooding of the medical system. The planned enhanced propaganda pushes through CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Comcast, and related Press and Alt sites, are being now forcefully pushed back.

And of course; influenza viruses don’t have viable vaccines, only management and an immune system. Bacterial Antibiotics have no affect on Viruses. Bacteria and Viruses are totally different microorganisms.

And the finally recognized Deep State, NAZI (National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party) Stocked, War Criminal WHO, concocted that Nigerians were suddenly (HQC in usage from before 1955) dying of HQC. Added to WHO planting fake reports in mid Jan. 2020 that no Human to Human transmission was possible, now starting a concocted connection to zoological derivation.

Trump has now blocked its $500 million or so a year funding. China which gives it some $40 million a year can continue funding its PR Intel Agency.

Beyond a psychological stunt by governments to feed the noisy deluded, there is no magic cure, and no vaccination is possible.

The medications suggested are to relieve weight on the immune system, for the body to perform its task of healing itself.

G Squared
G Squared

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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