Toppling Statues

Ignorance is slavery. Knowledge is empowerment. And the truth will set you free.

Toppling statues and burning books do not change the past, they simply obscure it.

Rewriting narratives may alter perceptions, but it does not change facts.

If we do not learn the facts, do not learn from history.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

In Christchurch stands a single statue known as a Moai: A gift from Rapa Nui.

We can learn much from this statue

Christchurch Moai, formerly at the Arts Centre, but post-quake situated at the back of the University of Canterbury car park.

Hundreds of years ago Rapa Nui was a nation divided.

The Short-Ears rebelled against the Long-Ears and toppled their statues. Torn apart from inside, the island and it’s inhabitants were easy prey to the conquerors that came from without. Slavery and disease ravaged the population. “divide and conquer”.

Archeologists Found Something On Easter Island That Leaves Them ...

Now, in more enlightened times, descendants of Long-Ear and Short-Ear alike, work and live together, and Rapa Nui is world famous for statues, now re-erected, that tell of the skill and labour and extraordinary knowledge of those ancient ancestors. The bad blood and the warfare is all part of the tale these statues tell by their mere presence. While occasional disagreements occur between the native islanders and their Chilean governors, negotiations are thankfully devoid of violence.

The statues stand again, but past wounds are healed.

Let us learn from history:

United we stand, divided we fall.

The Secrets of Easter Island | History | Smithsonian Magazine
United We Stand


Why toppling statues doesn’t erase history

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