Time to Think: The Basic Data says It All – Simplified and Clear!


Here’s the data without spin or agenda. Brilliant!

Hey all here’s an update with selected published data, showing pure reality. Also later I retread the crucial ground of the mandates/passport illogic. Hopefully simple logic will yet help the deluded to wake up!


Ivor Cummins
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Martin Harris

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3 thoughts on “Time to Think: The Basic Data says It All – Simplified and Clear!

  1. To the uncensored editors, by Fritz Fehling:
    I could not email NZDSOS to provide them a copy of “Hidden Workings of mRNA Vaccines” (see above) due to external interference into their website contact on computers I used. Please provide them with a copy.
    “Hidden Workings of mRNA Vaccines.pdf”:
    As well as the “Letter to Governor-General.pdf”:
    Please also mention that electro-magnetic-radiation levels need to be generally reduced to a 10th-100th of present levels to prevent body-penetration by magnetisable micro/nano-materials (including inhalation of metal dust from grinders in mechanics professions); This aspect had never been considered when setting these levels before the widespread use of ultra-high-frequency (GHz) appliances like cellphones!
    Greetings, Fritz

    1. As per my follow up communication to you, NZDSOS isn’t really set up for this stuff so their contact form is necessarily limited to prevent being overloaded with all manner of stuff. Remember they are essentially a group of medical professionals fighting against mandated medication.
      Your info is, however, presented here for all to read and research.

  2. For all Editors’ Info:
    Google, with or without NZ spies, has manipulated the access to “Hidden Workings of mRNA Vaccines.pdf”
    so that the public gets my “Viral Letter to Friends.pdf” instead on library computers and possibly others (while I still get it after signing-in to google drive as not to notice…). I sent it to you via gmail and paper letter; here it is again for completeness:

    A Theory About The Hidden Workings of mRNA/DNA Vaccines

    I met a fully-vaccinated man who was happy & proud of it. But I was gobsmacked when he reported to hear voices and feel strange signals near cell-phone towers since the jabs. One would usually aim such phantasies at the rubbish bin as conspiracy-theory talk, but this guy was no high-thinking conspiracy theorist at all, just an honest Kiwi.

    As an electronic engineer I am suspicious about vaccines being ferro-magnetic, or reacting to high-frequency radiation. But if they contain finest (“nano”) ferro-magnetic powder/molecule clusters in suspension, they may make blood vessels slightly more reactive to such radiation, absorbing some as low-quality aerials. Although there is absolute no chance of the complex fully-digital data signals being decoded by living tissue into voices, electro-magnetic-radiation stress on nerves could possibly cause the brain to react dream-like with voice imaginations — your brain is more intelligent than you think… Psychologists would love it. But these signals are supposed to be so weak and safe that they should not noticeably affect anybody. Well, they did not test this with such material suspended in the blood. But why would they put these “impurities” into the vaccines?

    Magnetofection uses superparamagnetic (possibly poisonous) “nano”particles in biotechnology incl. drug and vaccine delivery, but firms may want to guard patents’ secrets of such billion-$ vaccines. Ferro-magnetic particle clusters are used to infect cells with RNA/DNA through applying magnetic force. High-frequency electro-magnetic radiation may thus grind/vibrate these particles through the cell membranes. It would indeed be ingenious to design mRNA/DNA vaccination with the expectation that day-to-day cell-phone use would slowly force the genetic-material load into cells, but why not telling this? It would also be ingenious to enforce gene”therapy” on the whole population via so-called vaccines, while such particles are brushed-off as process contamination (which they do). Malice can also be ingenious, (but is always ultimately self-defeating).

    As these particles do not decompose, they would remain in the body for a considerable time, and would be ground recklessly through the body even after having deposited their mRNA/DNA load. Long-term heart inflammation and death through this process will be explained by natural ageing after the 2-year “long”-term test period, as will murder using targeted high-frequency senders — The filthy-rich’s antidote to overpopulation and political opponents to their hidden dictatorship, all in yours the General Public’s interest… A welcomed side effect could be the long-term reduction of the ability to think deeply, which goes well with a serf class so desired by the ultra-rich; I better stop here to avoid the rubbish bin. Suddenly compulsory vaccination makes so much more sense…

    The inherently malicious gain-of-function corona-virus research in the Wuhan laboratory owned by GlaxoSmithKline (also owning Pfizer) glows now in a different colour.

    Besides, if cell-phone towers also radiated high-frequency signals modulated with analogue voice signals, amalgam tooth fillings could become low-quality de-modulating diodes making them hearable; This had been observed already at the beginnings of radio transmission many decades ago.

    Greetings, and have a nice day; Fritz Fehling 8/10/2021

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