“Elderly Unjabbed Couple Die Hand In Hand”: Wait, This Story Sounds Familiar…VERY Familiar!

Doing the rounds in Mainstream Media right now in NZ, but the story isn’t new. And in fact has curious echoes of an even earlier story; “Elderly JABBED couple die hand in hand”. Coincidence? Prepare to go down a deep Rabbit Hole. This gets crazy.

Here’s the Newshub story via my Microsoft propaganda feed that aroused my curiosity:

Unjabbed elderly couple hold hands as they die from COVID within seconds of each other

An unvaccinated elderly couple battling COVID-19 in the US have died hand-in-hand within seconds of each other.

William and Carol Stewart, from New Hampshire, died in the state’s Parkland Medical Centre late last week.

Their daughter is now speaking out urging people to get vaccinated, saying it’s “never too late”.

Vaccination significantly lowers the chance people will fall seriously ill with COVID-19. Those who aren’t immunised are about 10 times more likely to get badly sick and die as vaccinated people, data shows.

William, 73, and Carol, 69, along with six other family members tested positive for COVID-19 last month. They both spent more than a week on life support.

Daughter Melissa Noke said the couple was by each other’s sides during their final moments.

“As soon as they touched hands, my father took his last breath and then my mother, 10 seconds later,” Noke told local news station WMUR 9. 

“They’ve known each other since they were 4, been together 45 years, married 44 years.

A GoFundMe page started to raise money for the couple’s funerals had raised NZ$8350 at the time of publishing. 

SOURCE: https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/world/unjabbed-elderly-couple-hold-hands-as-they-die-from-covid-within-seconds-of-each-other

Now, this story is only 8 hours old at time of posting here. It has, naturally enough, gone “viral” around NZ Mainstream Media. However, a check on Google shows that the story isn’t exactly fresh.

Pay attention to the pro-vaccine message from siblings, the “44” reference and the GofundMe statement.

Now, have a look at this story from The Hill:

Vaccinated couple die of COVID-19 holding hands

By Christian Spencer | Sept. 27 2021

A fully vaccinated Michigan couple died from COVID-19 one minute apart and holding hands. 

Cal Dunham, 59, and his wife Linda Durham, 66, had preexisting health conditions and contracted COVID-19 during a camping trip, Fox 17 reported.

CONTINUES: Vaccinated couple die of COVID-19 holding hands | TheHill

The story went around the world, although NZ MSM seem remarkably reticent about it (sarcasm intended).

A fully vaccinated couple from Grand Rapids, Michigan, died on Sunday of Covid despite being fully vaccinated
A fully vaccinated couple from Grand Rapids, Michigan, died on Sunday of Covid despite being fully vaccinated (Pictures: Facebook/Cal Dunham /Sarah Dunham/ Kendrah DeYoung)

Now, the original source for the VACCINATED couple death is FOX. And a read of the article shows some extraordinary narrative resemblances to the later UNVACCINATED couple death story, right down to the article ending with a link to a GoFundMe page.

Read the source article here:

Grand Rapids couple dies 1 minute apart from COVID-19 (fox17online.com)

Now, things get even stranger: This item from the Daily Mail dated 6 Jan 2022, but the deaths occurred in November-December 2021:

Unvaccinated Arizona couple married for 44 years die of COVID in the same hospital just two days apart

  • Bob and Sue Walter of Phoenix, Arizona, both tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before Thanksgiving 
  • The couple later succumbed to the virus, dying two days apart. Sue died on November 30, while Bob – who was on a ventilator – died on December 2 
  • Both of them were unvaccinated and now their children are advocating for others to get vaccinated to avoid the same fate 
  • Siblings Jonathan, 42, and twins Stephanie and Charissa, 40, will always remember their parents as soulmates  

READ MORE: Unvaccinated Arizona couple married for 44 years both die of COVID just two days apart | Daily Mail Online

“Married 44 years” Just like the New Hampshire couple. What are the chances?

The original source for the article is here:

Family mourns after parents die from COVID-19 as holiday season approaches | Coronavirus in Arizona | azfamily.com

I suggest you read it. The narrative structure is all too familiar, and predictably ends with a link to a GoFundMe page!

Here’s a story variation from INDIA three days ago, but about a couple from CALIFORNIA. Same story narrative complete with GoFundMe ending!

Unvaccinated Couple Dies After Catching Covid-19 (indiatimes.com)

In an interesting twist, the number 44 is mentioned again, this time as the age of one of the deceased.

In fact, as one begins to dig, a multitude of variations of the same story narrative begin to appear.

Here’s a variation where the couple were engaged. This time lacking a GoFundMe but essentially the same narrative in every other respect:

Unvaccinated Couple Die from COVID Weeks Before Wedding (newsweek.com)

But I’m not finished yet.

Here’s another one, and BOTH fatalities were aged…you guessed it?…

“Troy Green, 44, felt too unwell to go on a family trip to Florida, according to Fox 2 News. Two days after arriving in Florida, his wife Charletta, also 44, was hospitalized with COVID-19…”

And guess what? We have a GoFundMe link AND a footer with GoFundMe links to emergency services.

Unvaccinated Spouses Die Hours Apart, Leaving 7 Kids Behind | PEOPLE.com

Let’s go back to January of 2021 where we get this story:

This couple married for 70 years were scheduled to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but died from the virus before their appointment – CNN

This appears to be the earliest appearance of the “Couple die of Covid hand-in-hand” story narrative,

So subsequently we have two variations. One in which the couple are “Fully vaccinated” which appears to be a single case and consistent in detail. The other variation has the couple being “Unvaccinated” and there are obviously a multitude of cases reported. In either version the general narrative of the article is, as noted, very similar. Both versions have a “prototype” in a January 2021 story.

So what do you make of this? Are these stories all real? Is it all just coincidental? Are some of these stories contrived? It seems suspicious to me that an “Unvaxxed” version of the narrative is suddenly doing the rounds of news media shortly after the “Vaxxed” version appears. (Vax version is September, Unvax story versions date from October- November-December)

As for any esoteric significance to number 44, I suggest starting here: The Mysterious Stranger – Wikipedia

Note: No disrespect is intended towards victims of Covid, regardless of their vaccination status. If any reader decides to pursue this further, please exercise respect and discretion .

If you are one of the families mentioned in the news stories here we would love to hear from you to confirm the facts. Martin.

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