What if There Were no Conspiracies?

Hypothetically Assuming the Mainstream is Correct 

Donald Jeffries
May 10

This column will be a bit different. Let’s suppose for just a second that all the professional “journalists,” and tenured professors, and court historians, and sycophantic politicians, have it right. People like me are crazed “conspiracy theorists” who recklessly peddle disinformation about things that can be innocently explained. 

As I’ve noted in my Hidden History books, the only real alternative to the conspiratorial view of history is the conventional one; which holds that Great Men and Evil Monsters arise naturally and randomly. Kind of like the most important narrative of all they push, which is that life itself is random, and we are nothing more than irrelevant DNA that contribute to “Mother Earth” in the same thankless fashion as worker bees and ant colony foot soldiers do. 

The conventional view of history, however, certainly contradicts a basic tenet of that most important narrative; the theory of evolution. Survival of the fittest. According to this, the “fittest” among us are our present illustrious leaders like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Rachel Levin, Jen Tsaki, Lori Lightfoot, etc. Everyone rises to their own level of incompetence and all that. In just the recent past, this fantastic science produced the likes of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to lead us. 

In private industry, evolution would dictate that the best, most innovative, most charismatic, leaders would emerge over the competition. Do the likes of Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Marc Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates fit this description? How many directors and CEOs of companies that you worked for were in this category? I was never impressed by a single executive in forty four years of working for the Man. I didn’t think a single one of them deserved to be supervising me. I questioned everything they did, because they consistently made moves that negatively impacted the workforce. This is the way the rigged marketplace works; those in charge are put there to ensure that it stays rigged. 

Our bloated federal government meanwhile, has turned into a “Woke” version of the old Tammany Hall spoils system. Plenty of Affirmative Action hiring, along with traditional “It’s who you know” favoritism. There doesn’t even need to be any conspirators pulling the strings, when you have that much incompetence unleashed on the public. You just sit back and watch the magic. And that’s what we’re seeing everywhere now. Public Utility companies. School boards. Even the average citizen, who is the product of a worthless school system and often dysfunctional families. 

The conventional view holds that “shit happens, and then you die,” like the popular bumper sticker said. JFK died because some crazed Marxist, minimum wage earner wanted to make a name for himself. By persistently denying he’d done it. Women entered the workforce, thereby seemingly doubling the incomes of married couples, but somehow those married couples fell further behind economically. Numerous Civil Rights laws were passed, yet somehow “racism” became worse. We had several successful missions to the moon, beginning in 1969, but somehow lost the technology. 

To believe the conventional narrative, we have to accept that voters can’t stop themselves from reelecting an average of 96 percent of political representatives, who have an approval rate of around 6 percent with the same voters. We have to believe that it’s just good fortune for the rich and famous that they escape prosecution for the numerous crimes “conspiracy theorists” claim they’ve committed. They can hire the best lawyers, remember? And the clean and honest legal system is somehow motivated by the skills of their attorneys, not the law. 

They tell us money buys everything, but then say there is no systemic corruption. If it’s just random slimy individuals, why do almost all of them turn out to be so compromised? And if there are no conspiracies, who is doing the compromising? For what purpose, there being no conspiracies and all? If judges, prosecutors, cops, and juries aren’t conspiring to subvert justice, there is still no reason for any average citizen to have anything but disdain for our legal system. Our overcrowded prisons are full of innocent people, and our pot-hole filled streets are filled with unpunished criminals. Truth forever on the threshold, wrong forever on the throne. 

If there were no conspirators ordering them not to, then why wouldn’t some of our unashamedly ambitious prosecutors want to go after the big fish? Wouldn’t having the conviction of say, a Hillary Clinton, on your resume be an ultimate accomplishment? If the system is all about “winning,” then why don’t district attorneys want to win convictions against the Hunter Bidens of the world, or any of the countless professional athletes accused of violent crimes? Don’t they get tired of beating up on the hapless poor who are “represented” by useless public defenders?

As Truman’s Secretary of Defense James Forrestal told Senator Joe McCarthy, before both of them would go on to die under suspicious circumstances at Bethesda Naval Hospital, if there were no conspiracy, once in a while they’d make a mistake in our favor. Occasionally, a good, honest leader would be elected by the people. If there is no vote fraud, which there wouldn’t be if there are no conspiracies. Someone would run for office on a pledge to clean up the corruption, to improve the lot of the common people. And there would be no one to stop them, without shadowy conspirators plotting behind the scenes. 

I write a lot about coverups. What would there be to cover up without conspiracies? Why would the government still be withholding anything about the JFK assassination, if he was killed by a loser all by himself? Why would they have ever withheld anything for “national security” purposes? What “national security” is associated with an impotent wife-beater who is jealous of a good-looking president? Who threatened all the witnesses that reported being threatened? Why would so many of them claim their statements had been altered? Was the Oswald family behind all this?

If there is nothing to fear from hit teams, what with their being no conspirators to hire them, why do the families of those connected to these events seem so reluctant to talk? Why are they so disinterested in the details of their loved ones’ deaths? Wouldn’t we all want to know how and why our loved ones’ died? What about that whole “closure” thing we hear so much about? Does it not apply to the families of people like Seth Rich? Why don’t they want closure? 

If no one stops them from doing it, why don’t alleged investigative reporters investigate anything important? Why aren’t they interested in things like the collapse of Building 7 on 9/11, if the dead Osama Bin Laden and the dead hijackers were the ones behind it? Is the Bin Laden family stopping them? Why didn’t the journalists covering Bo Gritz’s press conference back in the ‘80s, during which he said Kuhn Sa, the Chinese drug lord in charge of international heroin traffic, had fingered Ronald Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Armitage as his American contact, report his explosive allegations? They didn’t even mention, let alone, investigate this. 

Why do so many connected to these events, like “DC Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfry, announce on alternative platforms that they are not suicidal, and then kill themselves? Or Bill Clinton’s Arkansas head of security Jerry Parks telling his family “I’m next” after the death of Vince Foster, and then being shot and killed while driving his car? Such deaths certainly smack of conspiracy, but what explains this phenomenon if there are no conspirators targeting them? Are they all just tragically accurate prognosticators? Most people just nod knowingly when it happens, despite proclaiming not to believe in conspiracies. What else could be behind this?

If there are no conspiracies, a lot of people certainly have expended a lot of energy hinting at them. Read Jack Ruby’s Warren Commission testimony. Conspiracy 101. I’ve talked to witnesses, and you can sense the fear in most of them. Still. The JFK assassination was almost sixty years ago. Why would anyone still be afraid to talk about it, considering they got the right guy and everything? Why does Caroline Kennedy still recoil when someone mentions the subject? She hasn’t gotten over losing her father yet? I’ve tried contacting many other people, associated in some way with one of these events, and almost all of their listed phone numbers turn out to have been disconnected. If they do answer, they don’t want to talk. 

What are those connected to the Oklahoma City Bombing, or Waco, or October Surprise, among others, afraid of? Even without there being conspirators, our government unquestionably killed American citizens at Waco. Are survivors frightened of being killed, too? By our non-conspiratorial government? Why are airport workers, for instance, still refusing to talk about the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr.? If he was just a reckless daredevil responsible for his own demise, then why would anyone fear the subject? 

Our government, which of course does not, and has not ever conspired to commit high crimes, is still stopping the families of John Wilkes Booth and Meriwether Lewis from having their bodies exhumed. If the body in question is historically insignificant, this matter is invariably left up to the discretion of the families. Why would the government fear DNA tests on these corpses connected to such long ago events? The narrative must be maintained at all costs, even going back hundreds of years. They will not acknowledge they were wrong about anything. But there is no conspiracy. 

There was no fraud in the 2020 election, because there is never any fraud in our elections. Our leaders don’t conspire. The vote is precious. Rock it. But to even suggest there was, means that social media platforms must censor or ban you. They don’t do this because they are conspirators, because there are no conspiracies. They are concerned about “misinformation,” whatever that is. CNN and MSNBC can explain it best. 

It’s even more crucial that our non-conspiratorial establishment censor any alternative information about the COVID narrative. Medical “misinformation” is a threat to the public, unlike the warp speed vaccines, which are so cool you have to keep taking them. Vaccines work, even when you get the disease you’re being vaccinated against. The Unvaccinated are keeping the virus perpetually alive. To disagree is to go against “Science,” which now insists that men can give birth. There is no conspiracy regarding the 100 percent unanimity of thought here, on the part of all those with a large public platform. They are our best and brightest. 

If there are no conspiracies, things are even bleaker than they seem. It would mean that our “representatives” go against the interests of their constituents all the time, without being bribed or forced to do so. They just do it because. And this isn’t a bad batch or two; the problem has been going on at least since John T. Flynn’s book Meet Your Congress was published in 1944. Almost everyone who runs for Congress, out of a fantastic coincidence, just happens to be devoted to going against the interests of those who supposedly elected them. 

It would mean that the priorities of our leaders just coincidentally run counter to the priorities of the population they serve. There is no money to upgrade the crumbling infrastructure, but money always appears when some foreign escapade is involved. Just recently, our government easily found $33 billion to dole out to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the homeless are defecating in American streets. But that Zelenskyy is such a rock star! He’s so mesmerizing that all those unconnected Americans, celebrity and uncelebrated alike, just happened to become inspired to “Stand with Ukraine,” without any coordinated effort behind it. 

We’ve all seen those collages of television stations all across the country, where some unique phrase is used by each and every one of them, who are supposedly competing with each other. If no one from Conspiracy Central gave them this phrase to peddle, this would mean that they all just happened to devise the same wording at the same time, about the same issue. Coincidental theories are astounding. But there is no other explanation, without conspiracies. 

Incompetence can explain some of this. But incompetence would be part of the conspiratorial view of history, if there were conspiracies. Wouldn’t conspirators have an interest in placing really incompetent people in positions of power, because they’d be less likely to question things? Why would non-conspirators be interested in promoting the incompetent? And now we have the newest ingredient in the mix, genuine madness, which we see so prominently featured in the most extreme “Woke” Social Justice Warriors. This incompetence and madness couldn’t attain power, could it, without someone directing it? But there are no conspiracies. 

We should all hope that conspiracies do exist. Without them, it means that our fellow Americans really are continually sending the Nancy Pelosis, and Lindsey Grahams, and Mitch McConnells, and Chucky Schumers, back to office. It would mean that a lot of really bad people rose to prominence for some mysterious reason, and somehow evaded the long arm of an otherwise punitive “justice” system. It would mean that war really is more popular with people than peace. It would mean that millions of Americans just strangely reached the same odd conclusion that there are “White Supremacists” running amok within the terrified, cucked White population. 

In my Hidden History books, I provided lots of quotes from notable figures, most of whom would be categorized as conspirators if there were conspiracies, all noting an unseen, powerful hand orchestrating events and personalities. “Nothing in politics happens by accident,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt. Of course, everything happens by accident if there are no conspiracies. Again, shit happens. As I’ve heard so many times, you can’t keep a secret in Washington, D.C. Someone would have talked. I have provided countless examples of people who did talk, and were ignored, ostracized, or died suspiciously. People talk. No one with any power listens. 

“Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise,” the underrated poet Thomas Gray reminded us. I surely would be more blissful if I just went along with the program. Obeyed the authorities. Listened to the “experts.” Learned to “fit in.” It’s a cold, cruel world, my mother told me. And she had no concept of conspiracies. Conspiracies actually give us a bit of hope. They at least explain why the world is run by those who “know how not to get it done,” to quote Charles Dickens. Without them, we are left with an incomprehensible, heartbreaking reality. 

I prefer to believe that humans are not inherently unthinking and uncaring creatures. That they would be concerned about all the corruption, if someone or something didn’t keep telling them it didn’t exist. I spend a lot of time bad mouthing and second guessing the average person, while being a self-proclaimed populist. I still love the people, even though they mostly exasperate me. The world is unknowable to me without God. But it is also unknowable without all the conspiratorial activity inspired by the dark force that, for whatever reason, seems to hold dominion here. 

SOURCE: “I Protest” by Donald Jeffries | Substack

Thanks to Jon Eisen for the link. Cheers.

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