A powerful story of the Memorial Day event, and the delivery of a petition to New Zealand’s Parliament in Wellington. SilentNoMoreNZ1  Published December 18, 2022 Brave injured people and their families gather together to share their grief and suffering at a Memorial service for Rory Nairn, who died as a result […]

Not being reported in the MSM (surprised?) is the “under the radar” defunding of Border Control Police, via the $1.7 trillion Omnibus Bill 2022. Looks like a recipe for orchestrated chaos. Here’s the communication from our correspondent G Squared, and following I’ll make connections to the “master plan”. Martin The […]

Bringing the Nord Stream 2 saga up to date: Two plus two equals…well, you don’t have to be a genius to join the dots here. MH First some links to recap on the Nord Stream “accident” Which brings us to subsequent recent events: The US is set to double its […]

A curious little list of organizations one would do well to contemplate. from Jon Eisen: And how come those who created and promoted the product don’t stand behind it 100% ? Here’s Anthony “Burla the Bullfrog” seemingly setting himself up for an alibi when the excrement hits the air-stirrer. NOTE […]

How in the hell did they know? This is uncannily close to present reality. Predictive Programming – Revealing The Method – The X-Files Also on Brighteon if YT takes it down: https://www.brighteon.com/9928e54a-1c2e-4e3a-a5ad-9027ddfc9fe6 264 views Dec 16, 2022 They always reveal the method. It is on you if you don’t get […]

Russel Brand delivers the latest military-industrial news in his unique style, including the official B21 Raider Stealth jet unveiling. The American war industry is looking forward to “multiyear authority” in Ukraine. Does that sound like they want peace or don’t want peace? #war #nuke #ukraine Russell Brand Russell Brand6.08M subscribers […]

Well, it has been quite a year, 2022. I’m officially dubbing it “The Year of the Gaslighter.” I was going to dub it “The Year of the Mother of All Mindfucking Global-Capitalist Gaslighters,” but that seemed like a mouthful, so I’m opting for brevity. CJ Hopkins  cjhopkins.substack.com Novelist, playwright, political […]