Can Decentralization Save Humanity? – Why Smaller is Better in Politics The following is a transcript of this video. “…the world would be most happily governed if it consisted not of a few aggregations…with their accompaniments of despotism and tyrannic rule, but of a society of small States.”  Saint Augustine, The […]

Pendulum indeed! There’s no labelling the perpetrator of this atrocity as “Far Right”. From a New Zealand perspective, the timing appears strangely coincident to the rabid behaviour of trans protestors at the recent Posie Parker incident. Regular readers will note that we at Uncensored predicted this year would see a […]

JP Morgan becomes the latest to roll out invasive point-of-sale biometric payment plan, following Visa, MasterCard and Amazon Leo Hohmann – March 27, 2023 While Americans get increasingly hypnotized by 2024 election coverage, where all they’re hearing about is the theatrics surrounding Donald Trump, the globalists and technocrats are […]

Stupidity of “switch to electric” while killing power generation Igor Chudov Mar 28 France24, Quartz, and the Wall Street Journal (paywall-free link) report that the EU abandoned its much-ballyhooed transition to electric cars, which was supposed to culminate with a total ban on gasoline cars in 2035. The EU’s reversal allows “the sales […]

These residents are dynamite! Intelligent, well-reasoned arguments. Watch and learn. Also see the link for speech and communication tips below. Handy resource. Residents vs Colchester City Council 21st March 2023 Mar 27, 20233 Colchester residents tackle their city council over the net zero initiatives that aren’t remotely green! Lithium links […]

What an embarrassment to New Zealand. Here’s a great example of the international backlash. This video is a great commentary on the situation and the culture of violence behind it. 10,826 views Mar 27, 2023 ‘They think if they can silence you they don’t need to protest… The violence is […]

“Compulsory cooperation is not debatable with 166 nations, most of whose leaders are irresolute, conditioned by localist “cultures,” and lacking appropriate notions of the New World Order. Debate means delay and forfeiture of our goals and purpose.” From Pam Vernon, EWR CONFIDENTIAL: COBDEN CLUBS, Secretariat for World Order 814-631-9959, September […]