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A double shot of reality, always educational if never pretty. Follow our October coverage on the Gaza Massacre (A Network of Evil Haters & Players) – Billionaire Bolt Holes, Guns Gold & Goons the role of the arms dealers and money mean starting wars to undermine democracy and keep us all broke and powerless, plus the rising risk of nuclear war (I hope the Russian Love their children Too) which remains un-reported .

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Local rumor control has it that the Chinese military in Queenstown. My guess big wig having back-room negotiations as occurred between Clinton, Big Business and China in 2000 at APEC. And as Documented in my book State Secrets II a similar meeting took place at Shed 5 Restaurant in Wellington after US spy craft forced to land in China. During the Welly meeting an exact copy of the downed US spy plane was made avalible to the dozen generals to inspect. Officially MSM named only one general as been in town. Though the dinner placards I obtained showed most of China military top brass had flown in. Before the Generals showed up at Shed 5 Phil Goff them the foreign minister quipped “Oh well at least we know we won’t be bombed tonight”. The Queenstown Chinese military report comes a week after (November 6, 2023) a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs Wang Yi met with former Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key (currently in bed with the Chow brothers) in Beijing. It comes as Sinophile long-standing National MP Judith Collins has made another come-back picking up a raft of ministerial positions as well as the position of Attorney-General in the new government’s line-up. prime minister John Key gave Collins a “final warning” in 2014 after it came out that she had visited the Shanghai offices of Oravida, a company which was owned by one of her close friends and of which her husband was a director, while on a taxpayer-funded trip.

  • Attorney-General
  • Minister of Defence
  • Minister for Digitising Government Minister Responsible for the GCSB
  • Minister Responsible for the NZSIS
  • Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology
  • Minister for Space
  • Lead Coordination Minister for the Government’s Response to the Royal Commission’s Report into the Terrorist Attack on the Christchurch Mosques

The move represent New Zealand continued schizophrenia (What American academic George Freidman once described in RNZ interview as NZ attempt to have two mistresses) as it simultaneously woos China for Trade and permit New Zealand to be increasingly used in the front line of the development research and launch of the Five Eyes alliance second-generation military technology and disruptive technologies with due conventional and economic warfare capacities. Meanwhile in the US the Biden administration continues to ramp up miliary tension with Beijing while likewise maintaining it wants closer trade ties with China.


On November 28th Rocket Lab will launch for the Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space, Inc Moon God Awakens. The launch is named after Japanese god that causes earthquakes tsunamis and droughts. The launch is one of the ‘StriX’ launches named after mythical creature who caused draughts and created disease and starvation in children. Its pay load known as SAR or In Night Owls case its name refers to the technology used by its pay load known as SAR or Synthetic Aperture Radar. SAR is basically same technology used in phase one of the USA’s controversial Pentagon DARPA funded HAARP program, which was used for looking for minerals, deep underground bunkers (or tunnels) and for tsunami, earthquake, modelling and forecasting. Part of the ‘StriX’ constellation of around 25 SAR satellites designed to provide geospatial solutions. That is “new data” to “oversee human-beings economic activity.” Understanding the data “to get information accurately and quickly”.

The original launch was aborted after and electromagnetic abnormally in late September just weeks before the Hamas attack in Israel, against peace activists, the heraldry of that launch titled, We Will Never Desert, including the heraldry of the Negev fox which is unique to the desert of Negev Israel.

Moon Awaken promises “Societal change thru AI” sounds ( See The Owl Cried My Name) Q-Shu is currently based in Kyshu Qshu which is currently being turned into a Five Eyes orientated high tech fortress in the growing (and often schizophrenic) tensions between the USA its allies and China. This week launch comes as more than Five US Aircraft have been tracked on apps such as Flight trackers in NZ skies and their signs of an extensive electronic warfare operation aimed to enhance long rang propagation and shield communications and transmission from enemy electronic warfare interactions.


GIVE PEACE A CHANCE: On Grant Brookes politician and The Nurses Union President and Labour Party apparatchik posted a post oof the Israeli flag being carried away by crow – the following is the thread which took place when I questioned the appropriateness of a New Zealander taking a position which did little but inflame the ‘you’re with us or against tribalism of the new normal’.

Really?? Taking sides is not peace and will not stop wars…READ MORE AT SOURCE:

Shipping News 24 – BEN VIDGEN — The Consulting ‘Oartistic’ Dyslexic Detective. (

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Ben has worked as investigative journalist, researcher and writers for a number of NZ/Australian publications, radio stations, as well as working for universities, NGO and commercial clients, as well as being a best selling author (State Secrets 1 & II [Return Fire]) specialising in organised crime and national security issues. With a degree in history and political science specialising in political violence and counter terrorism Ben spent six year in New Zealand Army territorial (reserves) serving in the Royal Artillery and the infantry with posting in signals, artillery intelligence, field and counter intelligence, reconnaissance and as a rifleman & platoon grenadier. Ben also has decades of experience in all aspect of the hospitality and tourism industry (from kitchen hand to marketing and promotions) through out Australasia as well a having strong root in the arts community of New Zealand’s South Island his beloved home and were he prints his own cafe publications and books . View all posts by BENS WORLD – an interesting read with your coffee.

Martin comments: Ben tells me he is being mercilessly shadow-banned. Non-partisan journalist-researchers are a rare species (how many do you know??) so please consider supporting him and do us all a favor:)

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