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Texas Governor “Prepared” for Border Showdown With Joe Biden

“This illegal refusal to protect the states has inflicted unprecedented harm on the people all across the United States.”



Following the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision on Monday, authorizing U.S. Border agents to remove razor wire and barriers, Texas Governor Greg Abbott drafted a letter not just to the Biden administration but to the world. Part of it reads:

“Under President Biden’s lawless border policies, more than 6 million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border in just three years. That is more than the population of 33 different states in this country. This illegal refusal to protect the states has inflicted unprecedented harm on the people all across the United States.”

As such, the Texas governor invoked the state’s constitutional right to self-defense Wednesday in response to what he called an “invasion.”

The world has backed up Governor Abbott in a big way. Elon Musk, RFK Jr., and now 25 state governors agree that “Texas is right,” following Abbott’s decision to protect the border.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson Friday, the Texas Governor said he is even “prepared” in the event Biden attempts to take control of the Texas National Guard, although he would be “shocked” if that happened.

“That would be a boneheaded move on his part, a total disaster,” Abbott remarked. “We are prepared, in the event that that unlikely event does occur.”

He added:

“We do have other armed state employees on the border as we speak right this minute, and that’s the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as other law enforcement officers, as well as National Guard from other states. And you can be assured there will be more National Guard from other states and more law enforcement officers within the state of Texas and other states.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced on Fox News that he is sending the Oklahoma National Guard to aid Texas in its border battle with Joe Biden. “We’ve already started putting the numbers together,” he said.

This decision followed a request from President Donald Trump, urging Republican state governors to dispatch National Guard service members to Texas.

In Abbott’s interview with Carlson, he mentioned a new law, effective March 5, which authorizes any law enforcement officer in Texas to arrest individuals crossing the border illegally.

He also backed up his moves thus far, citing a Constitutional basis for his actions. Abbott referred to Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, claiming Texas had been invaded and was entitled to defend itself, as well as Article 1, Section 10, for declaring an invasion.

Abbott mentioned that he sent eight letters to Biden offering solutions for border security. However, he has received no response from the president. Abbott predicted that Biden’s days in the White House are numbered, saying the border crisis will be resolved with the inauguration of a new president.

“I believe, however, that this [border crisis] will all come to an end on January the 20th of next year because I believe a new president will be sworn in, a president who will actually enforce the immigration laws of the entire country, not just the Texas border, but New Mexico and Arizona and California and the Canadian border also. And we will have safe and secure borders once again because we will have a president who actually will enforce the laws of the United States of America.”

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The full interview is available here.

Russia to Supply Weapons to Texas if needed to Fight Biden Border Heist


Russia may supply heavy weapons to Texas so as to defend itself and its Border from any attempt by Biden to forcibly re-open the Texas Border to illegal aliens.

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya said publicly : “It is important to understand that by supplying weapons to Texas, Russia does not become a party to the conflict.”

This was a priceless thing for Russia to say given it is the exact language used by the US and NATO when those entities supply weapons to Ukraine, to fight Russia.  Recall too, the entire Ukraine thing started because Ukraine began to use its (federal) troops against two Oblasts (states) Luhansk and Donetsk.  So the parallels between Ukraine/NATO-Russia   and now Texas-Russia / US are . . . perfect.

In one statement by Russia, the entire Texas/Biden Border Heist changed dramatically.

For the Record, I support Texas.

Martin comments: “Russia stands ready…”? I’ll bet they do. A chance to assist America in division and internal conflict? Possibly the start of civil war? Putin will be chuckling with glee. Yuri Brezmenov will be looking down from the Hereafter and shaking his head. There is only one man who can put a stop to this nonsense and I hear he’s going to jail…again…ahem…

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