A 20-year-old woman in Hamburg, Germany, has been sent to prison after making “hateful” remarks towards a migrant who was involved in the gang rape of a child. The woman is just one of 140 people being investigated for making “harmful comments” towards the rapists. The Publica TeamThe PublicaSun, 23 Jun 2024 © […]

Update(2124ET): WikiLeaks has released its first footage showing Julian Assange as a free man, emerging from Belmarsh prison looking triumphant and joyous, and soon after boarding a plane to his native Australia… BY TYLER DURDEN https://www.zerohedge.com TUESDAY, JUN 25, 2024 Below is the official statement from WikiLeaks: JULIAN ASSANGE IS FREE […]

Liz Gunn speaks to Andrew Bridgen who is an Independent Candidate in the UK’s upcoming Snap Election on July 4th, 2024. Andrew has been a leading voice in the global fight for truth and transparency against the tyrannical government regimes of the times we live in. Andrew welcomes any and […]

Recent developments are shedding light on the truths we’ve been advocating for from the beginning—and they have reached mainstream media. From NZDSOS: https://nzdsos.com In the U.S., the 9th Circuit Court recently ruled in favour of the Health Freedom Defense Fund. This landmark decision, written by Judge Ryan D. Nelson, recognises the […]

During the previous years, and more specifically the last few months, the intensity of a putrid smell of war has increased to the point where apocalypse could be just around the corner. Peter KoenigGlobal ResearchSun, 16 Jun 2024 More and more talks of war, a fear-mongering discourse, the projection of […]