Every time you hear a “climate change” scare story, that person was PAID. They are a Rockefeller stooge. They may not know it; but their profession has been entirely corrupted. AUTHOR: Elizabeth Nicksonelizabethnickson.substack.comSun, 07 Jul 2024 © Unknown This is the most public of their estates, but trust me on this, […]

France in chaos. A nation without a head. Macron’s panic over a potential right-wing takeover appears to have backfired terribly. Or perhaps it was planned that way. Perhaps Macron’s head is screwed on after all? Opinion by Martin Harris 9/7/24 Only a couple of weeks ago, the editorial team at […]

Covid backpedaling? Propaganda narratives shift slowly over time to absorb aspects of undeniable reality, whilst minimising damage to the interests of those benefiting from the big lie. Rebekah BarnettThe Daily ScepticWed, 03 Jul 2024 First, the Covid vaccines were safe and effective, and we were set to experience a pandemic of the unvaccinated. […]

Keir Starmer’s wife Victoria is Jewish, and the Prime Minister has said he holds Shabbat dinners every week. Hannah GillottThe Jewish ChronicleFri, 05 Jul 2024 Victorious: Labour leader Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria Starmer When Keir Starmer makes the move to Number 10 following his landslide victory, the Prime Minister’s […]

Karl Wolfe RIP. “Mysteriously killed by a Tractor whilst riding his motorbike in 2018 … No charges for the driver of the vehicle or information on them either . How convenient .” Jul 3, 2024(Courtesy of http://www.SiriusDisclosure.com) https://www.youtube.com/@EyesOnCinema Also watch: “Hacker Gary McKinnon infiltrated 97 military & NASA computers searching […]

America is upside down. What just happened is unthinkable and mind-boggling. This represents a radical 180-degree turnaround. What is it? The ever-lying, completely corrupt news media stood up – to everyone’s amazement – against Deep State puppet and ultimate traitor Joe Biden, and unanimously promoted their worst enemy, Donald Trump, as the best candidate […]

Tucker Carlson absolutely dismantled an Australian journalist while taking questions at the sold-out Australian Freedom Conference in Canberra, as part of his Australian tour. by Tyler Durden This is just embarrassing… After discussing a wide range of topics – including the release of Julian Assange, woke corporations, and corrupt pharmaceutical companies (watch here), […]