This interview by Agnès Rousseaux and Alexandro Rosinhawas was published by the French information web site BASTA! on January 27, 2009. It is based on Jean Ziegler’s latest book “Hatred of the West” (La Haine de l’Occident – Albin Michel, October, 2008) Jean Ziegler, one of the leading proponents in […]


The United States’ intervention in Africa is driven by America’s desire to secure valuable natural resources and political influence that will ensure the longevity of America’s capitalist system, military industrial complex, and global economic superiority – achieved through the financial and physical control of raw material exports. While America’s prosperity […]

LAGOS — Nigerian militants calling themselves the Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC) said Sunday they had attacked a major Shell oil pipeline in the volatile Niger Delta, in a statement obtained by AFP. The group said the overnight attack “successfully disabled the trunk line belonging to Shell in the swamp of […]


Timeline : Simon Mann The events that led to the British mercenary being jailed in Equatorial Guinea for plotting to overthrow the government 2003 May-December: The coup plot is hatched in London and Cape Town. A syndicate of financiers is drawn in, including Sir Mark Thatcher, then living in South […]

A report says wars are less deadly than they once were and national mortality rates have continued to decline, even during conflicts, due to smaller scale fighting and better healthcare. The report by a Canada-based project sponsored by four European governments also dismissed a widely-cited figure of 5.4 million people […]

[ …  for not sharing their obscene profits ] [ Nigeria’s main rebel group attacked a jetty used by oil tankers in Lagos Harbour ] Nigeria’s strongest militant group has threatened to unleash “an all-out assault” on the oil and gas industry after calling off a three-month ceasefire. The Movement […]