Is Pope Francis the harbinger of the NWO’s One World Religion? This has always been a goal of the UN and an intrinsic part of the infamous Project Blue Beam plan. To merge all religions and create a government-controlled false religion that makes the masses obedient both politically and ideologically. […]

If anyone needed proof that the powers pushing the levers behind the mindless moron who sits in the Oval Office are fully on board with the World Economic Forum/United Nations agenda of biomedical tyranny and transhumanism, look no further than the executive order that Joe Biden signed on Monday, September 12. Leo […]

The subjects of Ukraine and UFOs seem to be converging like puzzle pieces clicking into place. The latest from the Mainstream via Live Science: Brandon SpecktorLIve ScienceFri, 16 Sep 2022 Astronomers observed dozens of objects that “cannot be scientifically identified.” The skies over Kyiv are swarming with unidentified flying objects […]

I keep thinking this can’t be happening—that it must be some sort of nightmare I’ll wake up from soon.  But I’ve already seen too much of DARPA’s doings and they are not going to stop. AUTHOR: Joyce Bowen Darpa, Military behind covid-vaccines [Graphene and Quantum Entanglement] Elon Musk and Neuralink. […]

Beneath the front-page news of Covid, Ukraine, and the economic depression (Collectively part of The Great Reset) something more sensational and troubling has been brewing. And it involves an alleged potential extra-terrestrial threat. We know it as Project Blue Beam, the “Last Card”. by Martin Harris 29/8/22 The ball started […]

There can be few things that illustrate just how barking-mad the world has become more than the following footage from the Queen’s London Street pageant. Project Blue Beam… All stand for the National Anthem! God save our gracious Hologram,Long live our noble Hologram,God save the Hologram!Send her victorious,Happy and glorious,Long […]

Recently, the news broke that Elon Musk (now the world’s richest man) acquired Twitter. Musk claims that he’s a “free speech absolutist” and his takeover of the company was motivated by his passion for open discourse. Ryan MattersOff-GuardianWed, 04 May 2022 © Off-Guardian Musk called Twitter“the digital town square where […]