The revolution against government tyranny is underway in Texas, led by Alex Jones and hundreds of protestors who stormed the state capitol building today in protest over TSA tyranny. Late yesterday, the TSA threatened to turn Texas into a no-fly zone if it passed a law criminalizing inappropriate TSA pat-downs […]


Watch this movie. On at the Auckland film festival Still tickets available for the last two shows. … ooooh but hurry. ========================= The official ‘redband’ trailer for American The Bill Hicks Story This groundbreaking new documentary uses a stunning new animation technique to tell the story of the modern cultural […]

Source: By Nondumiso Mbuyazi A Durban lawyer who allegedly shot dead his neighbour’s 14-year-old son when the teenager was blowing his vuvuzela, has moved out of his house. The 35-year-old suspect is accused of killing Asanda Cele of Umlazi BB Section. Cele, a Grade 9 pupil at Reunion Secondary […]