I heard the news. I’m sure the whole world has heard it. Suddenly the spotlight is off Biden’s mental state and on the failed assassination attempt on Trump. Ed. Comment by Martin Harris 14/7/24 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump gestures as he is surrounded by U.S. Secret Service […]

France in chaos. A nation without a head. Macron’s panic over a potential right-wing takeover appears to have backfired terribly. Or perhaps it was planned that way. Perhaps Macron’s head is screwed on after all? Opinion by Martin Harris 9/7/24 Only a couple of weeks ago, the editorial team at […]

MSM talkback radio host Mike Hosking brings up the Pfizer and Moderna legal cases and asks, “Why is this not headline news”? Editors comment by Martin Harris 18/6/24 This author is in the habit of listening to Mike’s entertaining show on the radio while having breakfast in the morning. One […]

Chinese Premier Li Qiang is coming to NZ as one stop on his grand tour of the Pacific. Should we be worried? Martin Harris 11/6/24 The MSM is frothing with the news of the Chinese Premier’s visit. With what they euphemistically term “rising tensions” between the competing superpowers of the […]

Hitler is the “go-to” name among many historical commentators for political and ideological evil, and mainstream media has been quick to compare Russian president Putin, But rarely do we actually get to hear what the two figures have to say as a yardstick for actual comparison. Now is your opportunity…and […]

Right on the cusp of WW3 and with Iran a solid partner with Russia and the CCP, this happens… President Raisi’s helicopter crashes in Iran: What we know so far A helicopter carrying Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi and the foreign minister crashed while travelling back from East Azerbaijan. Iranian President […]