Article from the Herald, February 2017. So here we are in 2018. One year later. Why the hell is our plastic still being dumped to landfill? Why the constant excuses from packaging companies and their recyclers that “China won’t take it any more”? This is just one of MANY solutions […]

Let’s dissect the story behind the headlines: Wake up and smell the bull! Reading the following story from the Washington Post, I thought it to be an ideal candidate for Uncensored’s magnifying glass. Here’s some excerpts and my comments. Martin U.S. spy agencies: North Korea is working on new missiles […]

What are all these sensational Martian revelations all about? I remember that Martian meteorite a few years ago. The one with the “microfossils” embedded in it. It was found in Antarctica, and regardless of what the truth about this controversial rock may have been, I personally thought it seemed like […]

My suspicion is that this sarcophagus has already been opened and “sanitised” of anything potentially controversial, well before the “official” opening takes place.  Martin Bright Insight Published on Jul 18, 2018 Subscribe 445K A 30-Ton Black Granite Sarcophagus recently discovered in Alexandria, Egypt is making everyone wonder what is inside….and […]

Please read my comments at the end of this item! Martin H NOTHING TO SEE HERE Max de Haldevang July 18, 2018 Russian president Vladimir Putin issued an order yesterday to end the special research status of Shikhany, the secretive town believed by British intelligence to have produced Novichok, a […]

The mainstream media were salivating as the meeting approached, and now they’re in full frenzied attack mode. Here’s some Twitterings and MSM links on the Trump-Putin showdown and aftermath; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity […]

Having successfully “broken protocol” with Her Royal Majesty (well, he isn’t a British he?, and the British refused to Kowtow to the Chinese Emperor, didn’t they? So…) Trump now heads the Next Big Showdown. No matter what one think of him, Trump sure knows how to stay in the […]

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