Ever heard of an honest politician? Interesting times are these. If you believe the MSM spin, honest politicians are the norm! Meddling in a democratic election process,? Gasp! Horror! Surely not! Take the current situation with the media reporting on the Trump Junior scandal. Oh, he should have gone straight […]

The Telegraph By Telegraph Reporters Russia ‘can launch tsunami against US with nuclear bombs buried in ocean’ A retired Russian colonel has made outlandish claims that Moscow has planted nuclear missiles off the east coast of America that could trigger a tsunami if detonated. The far-fetched plans were outlined by Viktor […]

As I’m sure you all know by now, North Korea’s latest firecracker launch was an abject failure. Nothing new there. But….. What’s all this about “mystery” and “unknown type of missile”. And Trump “uncharacteristically quiet”. Now, the first thought that occurs to me when each of these launches fails, is […]

….This Is My Take On The Situation: America had a choice. That is, unless you believe the “choice” is nothing but a charade. But, charades and hacking accusations aside, the People chose. Do you choose the same old, same old, in the form of the apparently psychopathic Hillary, who wants to […]

This Is The Voice Of The One Percent. There is a humanitarian crisis looming, and we are deeply concerned and remorseful. We understand that $6 billion in aid is urgently required . Since we have trillions stashed away in tax havens, we wouldn’t even notice the loss of this insignificant […]

    In celebration of Women’s Day, a bronze statue of a little girl stands defiantly and proudly before the charging bull of Wall Street. To those of us who understand the real meaning of the bronze bull, this image has special significance most of populace are blissfully unaware of. Nevertheless, the […]

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