From NYCCAN.org [ … another outfit that has people like bj and other members of his  ‘ Accessory To  Mass  Murder ‘ club – currently voiding their own bowels ] Join NYC CAN’s coordinated effort to help the New York City Council learn about the collapse of World Trade Center […]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOPhd9LCJPQ Ask -anyone- who has lived under a -dictatorship- (like, say, people from portugal, or people from some parts of western or eastern europe) …  … & it also has much to do with an unholy union between -government- & -big- -fucking- -business-

(This from the -fucking- TimesOnline) Up to 50,000 security personnel were deployed in and around Bangkok yesterday to prevent demonstrators paralysing the city this weekend and toppling the Government. Sian Powell, Wang Noi Times Online March 15, 2010 The regime is braced for unrest, and has prepared water cannon, sound-wave […]


https://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7640401519667425927# In the 1960s, a radical group of psychotherapists challenged the influence of Freudian ideas in America. They were inspired by the ideas of Wilhelm Reich, a pupil of Freud’s, who had turned against him and was hated by the Freud family. He believed that the inner self did not […]

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