https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/GE1311/S00103/forcing-fluoridation-on-all-of-nz.htm Green MP Kevin Hague apparently supports this. Please let the Greens know that this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. New Zealand should BAN WATER FLUORIDATION like 90% of Europe and now Israel. What is the problem with the NZ Green Party? Why don’t they support a ban on 1080?? Why don’t […]

– Right wing main stream USA (excerpt) In a surprising reversal, last month EPA’s announced that it intends to lower the maximum amount of fluoride in drinking water because of growing evidence supporting the chemical’s possible deleterious effects to children’s health. In 2006, the National Academy of Sciences report that […]


Fluoride free Auckland: Action July 14 – The Ministry of Health (NZ) released a fluoride propaganda video: https://youtu.be/iRJVukbN7Nc July 22 – The video receives wave after wave of comments labelling this video as “Slick Shameless Propaganda” and “Lies” July 23 – The Ministry of Health deletes all comments on the video. […]

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