Ukraine is being turned into a broken state, as The US has caused in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Sri Lanka.  by G Squared Russia is prepared to move a further half million ground forces into Ukraine as martial law, and move the Americanised deranged into their own region and push […]

Climate change represents a major threat to New Zealand – but not because of the emissions produced by cows and sheep or from driving cars to the shops. Posted on July 26, 2022By Dr Muriel Newman The biggest threat comes from the unhinged obsession of climate fanatics – including New Zealand’s Prime Minister […]

Yes apparently even Robots need some Unconscious Bias Training these days. Strange times indeed! Carl Vernon170K subscribers Bestselling books and merch: Paypal tip: Don’t forget to subscribe. Hit the bell to stay updated on the latest videos and live sessions. Carl Vernon Talks channel:…

MUST LISTEN  — “Common versus Sovereign People”  – 98% of the population will be dispossessed- Sovereign people, i.e. the super-rich will get everything. – July 21, 2022 Please send links and comments to Seems implausible now, but a whistle blower in touch with a group of white hat […]