Recent developments are shedding light on the truths we’ve been advocating for from the beginning—and they have reached mainstream media. From NZDSOS: In the U.S., the 9th Circuit Court recently ruled in favour of the Health Freedom Defense Fund. This landmark decision, written by Judge Ryan D. Nelson, recognises the […]

MSM talkback radio host Mike Hosking brings up the Pfizer and Moderna legal cases and asks, “Why is this not headline news”? Editors comment by Martin Harris 18/6/24 This author is in the habit of listening to Mike’s entertaining show on the radio while having breakfast in the morning. One […]

“We…found examples of people who upon leaving hospital found DNACPR decisions in their discharge papers without any discussion having been had with them… if they contracted COVID; they were being written off.” Adam Stachura- Director of AGE Scotland Dr. John Campbell… As an example, somebody got in touch with […]

I just sent Baker an invite. Here’s what I wrote… STEVE KIRSCH MAY 28, 2024 The email I just sent to Professor Baker Hi Professor Baker, My name is Steve Kirsch. I am one of the world’s top misinformation superspreaders on the COVID vaccines. I have personally written over 1,500 […]

After being left speechless by Dr. Peter McCullough, podcaster and COVID vaccine advocate Brian Shapiro has recently challenged Robert Kennedy Jr. on vaccine safety. THE VIGILANT FOX MAY 9 Things went exactly how you would expect. Shapiro got schooled again. However, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t entertaining to watch. Shapiro asked Kennedy, […]

AstraZeneca is withdrawing its Covid-19 vaccine worldwide, months after the pharma giant admitted the drug could cause very rare, but life-threatening, injuries. Arpan Rai – The Independent May 8, 2024 The British-Swedish drugmaker has already withdrawn its EU marketing authorisation for the vaccine, branded Vaxzevria since 2021. The authorisation is the approval to market a drug in […]

Breaking News: Pfizer just issued an official statement today extending their condolences for the sudden cardiac death of toddler who was enrolled in their adenovirus gene-editing trial. KAREN KINGSTONMAY 7 May 7, 2024: Yesterday I republished a video and article entitled, “What Happened to Their Babies,” describing the lack of ethics and […]


An Australian Federal Court case has evidence to say they are GMOs. Case File Number: VID510/2023 Dr Julian Fidge v. Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd & Moderna Pty Ltd. Dr Fidge is an Australian medical doctor and trained pharmacist. Dr. John Campbell The case has been brought under the Australian Gene […]