Sean Plunket interviews Petousis Harris on the rollout of the injection including possible adverse events in terms of warning the public. From Pam Vernon Q … “Do you think the new risk [of Myocarditis] was adequately conveyed to the public and to medical practitioners who were administering the vaccine?” […]

Facebook has proven once again that the platform is not only part of the deep state, but also the all-powerful national security apparatus that has become a modern-day version of all-intrusive Big Brother. JD Heyes – Natural News Sept 16, 2022 According to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, the platform has […]

A “Must Read” article By Dr Muriel Newman, a perfect response to the Stuff propaganda documentary “Fire and Fury” (denigrating the Freedom protests) to share with your misinformed friends. MH Posted on September 3, 2022By Dr Muriel Newman In her post Cabinet press conference of 11 October 2021, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern explained, […]

The very fact that TVNZ has gone to such lengths to hunt down and censor our publications shows how TERRIFIED they are of people who can think for themselves and question The Narrative. NOTE: This item was originally posted 4/1/22 and has been reposted due to popular demand. Martin Very […]