Published on Jun 4, 2017 In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews first time Bilderberg attendee Maurizio Molinari editor and chief of La Stampa about his experience and his views on ISIS being created by the CIA. Reserve your Investigate Bilderberg T-Shirt ➜…

NASA has detected a man-made bubble surrounding Earth which they did not create – leaving many baffled. By Sean Martin PUBLISHED: 15:21, Thu, May 18, 2017 | UPDATED: 15:36, Thu, May 18, 2017 The protective casing however was not formed by an intelligent extra-terrestrial race, but rather evidence that […]

4June   by Jon Rappoport Who’s destroying England? London attacks and the war against Brexit NOTE: Watch Paul Watson’s shocking video, The Truth about ‘Refugees’ by Jon Rappoport June 4, 2017 “Here’s a great idea, boys. Gather around. We’re going to build, on top of every national government on the […]

The Roswell UFO crash really happened, ‘witness’ claims 03/06/2017 Dan Satherley The army says it was a top-secret weapons-detecting balloon – or was it? Photo credit: Getty The infamous Roswell UFO crash really happened, a Texas cop claims in a newly surfaced interview. Sheriff Jess Slaughter and his deputy, […]

Comment: Hillary Clinton is returning to public life. But if she wants to help Democrats, she should tread carefully. With the Democrats still trying to figure out who’s going to lead them, Hillary Clinton’s reemergence on the political scene is attracting a lot of attention. But while her recent appearances […]

There is more to the bombings in Manchester and Kabul, at the onset of Ramadan. As there is more to The Cholera in Yemen. And as there is more to the onging destruction of American history (de-Christianising, protecting the guilty, Confederacy and Slavery). The steady diet of rewrites of foreign history […]

    The Guardian Mark Brown Paddy Ashdown has said he sees horrifying parallels between 1930s Germany and what is happening in the post-referendum UK. The former Liberal Democrats leader told the Hay festival in Wales on Tuesday that he feared for his country, with a huge number of people […]

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