[  Wot ? ] An investigation has been launched in response to allegations by two Muslim students that they were banned from boarding a London bus because of their veils. The two Muslim students claim that the driver of a Metroline bus refused them entry onto the bus, claiming they […]

Fourteen months ago the article “Globovision digging its own grave in Venezuela” was published on Axis of Logic. Now this right wing opposition news channel which made a career out of opposing and lying about the Chavez government has imploded forfeiting a possible 45.8% of its stock to the Venezuelan […]


The following article was first written in 1998. I am relinking it here not so much as to say “I told you so” but to point out that the long term economic future of the United States was obvious, or should have been obvious, to the people who are awarded […]

Provocateurs and police terror at the G20 summit in Toronto https://vimeo.com/13097041 This video has been featured as the “website of the day” on Counterpunch. 1500 views in two days, so I think it has viral potential. That would certainly be a good thing since a poll just came out claiming […]

[ neat … … like in ‘Starship Troopers’ … ] We are approaching a decade of war in Afghanistan, and the war in Iraq is in its eighth year. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands more Afghans and Pakistani civilians have been killed. Millions have been driven into squalid […]